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SAMA Titanium 800W Reviewed: Best Titanium PSU You Can Buy

Titanium certified power supplies will be increasingly popular in the year of 2016, and many power supply manufacturers are planning to launch high-end Titanium PSUs.

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NVIDIA GeForce GT 710 Gets Reviewed

Introduction NVIDIA succeeded in sweeping the mid-range and high-end graphics market in 2015 with the help of Maxwell architecture, and AMD is making greater efforts to catch up...

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AMD Announces Cooperation With Tencent to Optimize Monster Hunter Online

AMD has just announced that it’s cooperating with Chinese biggest game developer – Tencent Games, to improve the performance and add some new features to Monster Hunter Online (MHO).

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PlayStation Now Coming to PC


Sony has just announced that they’re bringing PlayStation Now to Windows PC, which means a bundle of PlayStation exclusive titles are coming to Windows PC for the first time, including entries i...

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