a clear pic of R680 & some specs

Here’s a clear pic of R680. Pls keep in mind that this is a engineer sample. There’s already some pic about this sexy card earlier.

Both cores’ frequency are 777MHz, the same as HD 3870′s. And R680 is using 1GB GDDR3 memory. Source indicate that the retail version’s frequency is still unidentified.

We guess the two big fin sets are still using HD 3870′s old one. So it is a copper-based-aluminum-fin design. So the two fin set and a bigger fan powerful enough to handle two RV670XT GPU?

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[pic source: Chiphell]

16 Responses to “a clear pic of R680 & some specs”

  1. Veil Sary Says:

    Is GDDR3 memory is 1GB for each of the RV670XT or is it the exact performance from the 2 of the RV670XT?will the core frequency increase in the R680? How many stream processor will the R680 have?Will this support PCI-Express 2.0 and DirectX 10.2?How will this perform against the D9E or D8E for the upcoming of the D9E which put 2 of 8800GT together?

    Veil Sary

  2. Slinky Says:

    WTS two barely used 8800GTx’s..will consider a trade for the above :-)

  3. Robbie Khan Says:


  4. cyber_tech Says:

    In answer to questions, it will be 1GB total video memory. Core frequency is the same. It will have a total of 640 stream processors and be PCI-E 2.0 compatible and support DX10.1 It should compete extremely well against the dual 8800GT card supposedly in production and be cheaper thanks to a smaller manufacturing process.

  5. Jayce Says:

    Wow… It is a big card. :P

  6. Nick Says:

    One thing nobody noticed: that’s a big card!

  7. thomas vondrashek Says:

    ??DOSN’T IT KIND OF LOOK LIKE TURKEY??. AT end ,i mean. I believe crossbars? between gpu_S is not really much more than hope. It may work better than no better, yet theres got to be ways to go on GREAT idea.

  8. The Bigg G Says:

    To Slinky–

    Might want to hang on to those GTX’s in SLI. This is looking to match up with an 8800 Ultra. Take two 3870′s in crossfire and you’ll get a good idea how this thing will perform. Keep what you got, although having one of these bad boys would definately up the pimp factor in one’s rig. :D

  9. Dr MadCow Says:

    Thats a beauty…. nearly time to sell my X1900XT :D

  10. Foto de la nueva ATI HD 3870 X2 Says:

    [...] Via Exprereview [...]

  11. mak Says:

    cant use that on my pc without the back end of the card poking my nose :\

  12. Maero Says:

    Look like some kind of pajerooo(Which mean wanker in columbia)

  13. bubbles Says:

    will this run CS good?

  14. shogrran Says:

    ATi cards are getting bigger every release! I think they should start designing from scratch again! I don’t think putting two mediocre chips to work together wouldnt make a good card.

  15. A-Rod Says:

    Didn’t anyone notice the 2 large seperate sections of the heatsink? This is most likely their Dual Core 3870 X2…

  16. Daniel Says:

    I couldn’t understand some parts of this article ome specs, but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

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