[First look]Foxconn A79A-S, first 790FX mobo with SB700

790FX is the important part of AMD’s Spider platform, have lot’s of specs like HT 3.0, PCIe Gen2, AM2+ support and CrossfireX. But it’s pity that it still equip with a SB600 southbridge. Today we got our hands on Foxconn A79A-s, a 790FX mobo.

This mobo will have a SB700 southbridge and have a better support for surrounding slots. AMD said SB700 will out in 2008 Q1, but SB700′s sample will send to mobo bulider within a week. Let’s hope 790FX+SB700 can come out early.

A79A-s will be the first mobo to equip SB700 chip

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  2. AMD Phenom Says:

    Oh whatta motherboard. Can’t wait to have one of this in my case…

  3. Polli Says:

    Nice Mainboard, I like it. Colorful 4 PCIe 2.0 Slots.
    How about HyperFlash support comes with SB700 ?
    Will this mainbord will have it with flash memory onboard?

  4. Henry Says:

    Nick shot

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  6. noneed4me2 Says:

    PCIe slots to close together for dual slotted 3870′s, at least for 4-way crossfire, and still have yet to see enough mobo makers think seriously enough about SATA slot placement in regards to really long highend graphix boards. I am still on s939 and by the time this new tech really matures I should be ready to build a waycool rig. I knew 4×4 was way to impratical.

  7. KazeOne Says:

    like noneed4me2 said, the PCIe slots are to close they should have spaced it just like the MSI 790fx board and should have done all 90degree sata connections at least so you dont lose any when you put more graphics cards in.

    Also this mobo WONT have the SB700 that needs to be updated it will have the SB750 WOOT!

    I have been holding off buying a 790fx mobo for a while was going to get the MSI one as its the better of the bunch but with this coming out I have a new top to pick ^_^

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