Only eVGA, XFX, Palit, ASUS got G92-150 chips

The spec of the GPU keeps the same, but the code changed.

Without a notice, NVIDIA GeForce 8800GS comes. Yesterday our report already have some info about that card, and today we want to talk about its manufacturer.

Our source said NVIDIA only choose 4 AIC companies to release 8800GS, so not all AIC companies can get the G92-150 chip. The four companies are eVGA, XFX, Palit and Asus. Of course they have their sales limited area: eVGA only sell their card in the Americas, XFX limited in Europe. Palit is China and Korea, ASUS in charge of whole asia area. What about other AIC? sorry NVIDIA have no spare chips for you.

In fact the card show up yesterday and the test released earlier is some brand’s promotion campaign. The first shipment is from palit. Actually cards of Colorful, Unika, Yeston, Onda and Maxsun are nearly all made by Palit, because they did not have their own factories.

But why western countries did not get their 8800GS from XFX or eVGA? because they maybe still in Christmas & New-Year vacation, no time to release the new cards. But we are sure, the card will hit the market soon, since palit have already pulled the trigger.

4 Responses to “Only eVGA, XFX, Palit, ASUS got G92-150 chips”

  1. Robert Says:

    Your information is incorrect about EVGA. EVGA sells their video cards in the USA, Canada, Europe, and Australia

  2. jeff Says:

    they will focus on the Americas, that does not mean they don’t sell card outside the continent :)

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