8800GS 384MB quick comparison with 8800GT 512MB

This 384MB 8800GS  is the card we received today. We will receive 768MB version soon. All these cards we’ve seem is products by Palit. but later eVGA, XFX, and ASUS will also have 8800GS  products.

 We notice the mistake we’ve made earlier so we updated the chart.

Test bed:

Intel Core 2 QX9650 retail version (333MzX9)
ASUS Maximus Formula ROG X38 DDR2
GEIL DDR2-800 1GX2 4-4-4-10-1T
WD 3200YS+ Pioneer DVD-227E
Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit SP1 Beta
NVIDIA 169.25 WHQL (Modded with 8800GS info)

The quick test shows the 8800GT leads about 27% comparing to 8800GS. But their price gap is about 50% in our local market.

The price of 384MB 8800GS and 768MB 8800GS is 1199CNY(165USD) and 1499CNY(204USD). Price is simular to HD 3850, so we can expect a mid-end VGA card war is incoming.

116 Responses to “8800GS 384MB quick comparison with 8800GT 512MB”

  1. [ExpRev] 8800GS VS 8800GT - Overclock.net - Overclocking.net Says:

    [...] and 1499CNY(204USD). Price is simular to HD 3850, so we can expect a mid-end war is incoming. Source __________________ Please ignor my spelling and grama! FAQ:s I have a slow computer can i run [...]

  2. dark_prince Says:

    I think that the best choice is to buy the new 8800 GTS 512 Mb

  3. SXGreddy Says:

    But i think that HD 3870 is the best for price/performance.
    8800GS is tempolar VGA and maybe this made of broken 8800GT/8800GTS G92, so OC feature isn’t good

  4. Doug Friedman Says:

    1920×1200 at 8xAA and 16xAF? You know that this setting is too much for the 384MB of frame buffer right? Why didn’t you bench the HD3850 and put the result here as well for comparison?

    “we can expect a mid-end VGA card war is incoming”

    All your base are belong to us too.

  5. Rappa Says:

    hehe, an AE player by any chance? :)

    I agree the resolutions are a bit high, throw in the AA and AF after that and things naturally get lot uglier.
    Will be really interesting to see the 768MB GS though, should fare a lot better with those chosen resolutions and not be past its limits by the time AA/AF is turned on, although I dont expect too much, it should do a lot better at the low AA/AF and typical screen res settings.

  6. Tim Says:

    The 192bit is what will kill these cards with AA. I see no point in Nvidia putting out more crap in the market hoping someone will buy it.

  7. psolord Says:

    It was a necessary move from NV. They had no product to hit ATI at this market.But now they lost the christmas sales and not only that, the 3850 is manufactured at 55nm, meaning less heat,less power consumption and more overclockability.I’d love to see 8800gts and 3850 against each other but only at default clocks. Overclocked as much as they can go and then benchmarked. :)

  8. jeff Says:

    ya,for fighting against HD 3850, rolling out 8800GS is needed. totally agree with psolord.

    but psolord do you mean the old 8800GTS?

  9. jeffnunn Says:

    Seriously? Theres a ton of reviews that do exactly that…
    They have benchmarks for the new and old GTS versus the 3850, basically its slaughter the GTS’s own the shit out of the 3850, but thats totally reasonable seeing as the 3850 is significantly less expensive.

  10. neil Says:

    why do we even care about theese mid range cards…. save some pennies and buy a high end card. i gaurantee youll be more satisfied

  11. nonono Says:

    =/ hate to say this but…THIS CARD SUCKS…

  12. psolord Says:

    JEFF and others. sorry my mistake. i meant the 8800gs as the article says.

    JEFFNUN sorry as is said i made a typo mistake. I meant the GS not the GTS. All GTSs are far more expensive than the 3850 and the GS.
    Nvidia has confused as with all that 8800 GS,GTS,GTX,STG,GGG. Oh come on guys. Its like you have run out of number for gods sake!

    NEIL most of us posting here are enthusiast users and spend hundreds of dollars,euros you name it, for our pcs. But don’t forget that NOT everybody is an enthusiast. The big money comes from the middle market. Why do you think nvidia throw the 8800GT to ATIs head so fast.They new the 3870 was coming cheap and they had to move faster than ATI as they did. At least there is a balance now (albeit nvidia is indeed a littler better). I just hope it isn’t too late for amd/ati. Dont forget. The GT and the 3870 are aimed to the middle market at around 200-250euros. The fact that they are so good is thanks to ATI. It might sound a little ATIfanboysh what i am saying, but lets face it, nvidia is the winner for the past year or so and if it wasn’t for the 3870 coming, nvidia would ask 350euros for the GT. They don’t love you. Don’t kid yourselves. They just love their pockets. ATI is the same too ofcourse. If they had the upper hand they would be the same.Fear not! Lack of competition is the worst thing that can happen at this market.

    That’s why i’m cursing AMD/ATI (although i am am amdati fanboy) for the past year for not giving enough competition to INTEL NVIDIA. At least now they seem to get back in the game. I just hope it is not TOO late (second time saying that).

  13. Pete Says:

    the real battle is going to be 3870 512MB vs. 8800GS 768MB…. especially considering that later one has more ram and costs less… I’d love to see some benches between those two…. I’d say AMD is unfortunately in trouble again. On the other hand, maybe 3870 and 3850 go down in price some more!

  14. Argh Says:

    But ATI has better HD video decoding… So just plain numbers from benchmarks do not show actual situation.

    I’d like to say “benchmark war is comming”

  15. Doug Friedman Says:


    “It was a necessary move from NV. They had no product to hit ATI at this market.But now they lost the christmas sales and not only that, the 3850 is manufactured at 55nm, meaning less heat,less power consumption and more overclockability.I’d love to see 8800gts and 3850 against each other but only at default clocks. Overclocked as much as they can go and then benchmarked.”

    Those who do not understand the video card market should stop commenting on it. How did Nvidia lose the Christmas sales? 8800GT is selling like fucking hot cakes. It is so hot that even retailers wants a higher margin on them(and could get them because people are willing to pay 50 dollars over MSRP) The 3850 is manufactured at 55nm, but due to a much less efficient architecture, it is still spec’d at 95W.

    Why would you want to see G92 8800GTS vs the 3850? They are not even in the same class. 128sp 8800GTS is priced @300 dollars vs $169 3850, and it is almost twice as fast with AA and AF applied.


    I do agree with you that Nvidia needed a 3850 256MB competitor. The 8800GS is the perfect answer. I expect 8800gs to have 15% more performance at the same price point of $165.

  16. zxzx Says:


    how can you said ati has better HD video decoding….cpu usage is everything?

  17. zodzod Says:

    To be more fair, if it’d be possible to overclock both the gs and gt and then do tests. That’s where we saw the 7900gs shine so much. Dirt cheap, and with real simple volt mods, it overclocked a great deal. I wonder if it’s also possible to change the vid in the bios of these gs. It definitely needs a boost in order to compensate.

  18. Nvidia attacks the low-mid range with the 8800GS teasered @ Feed UP !! Says:

    [...] DX10-compatible and has more shaders than most cards had a year ago, so it looks like a good deal. These guys seem to have tested it and found it exactly as expected and possibly a better price-for-performance ratio than the [...]

  19. Argh Says:


    You can find full tests of `AViVo vs PureVideo`… ATI realy kicks ass…

    So i do not think we should analyse only benchmark results ;)

  20. Erster Test der GeForce 8800 GS bei Expreview - Beitrag - Artikel-Tests.de - Reviews von PC-Hardware! Says:

    [...] Zum Test bei Expreview [...]

  21. 8800GS cometh !! - TechEnclave Says:

    [...] permalink Hardspell and Expreview – have gotten their hands on the GS version of the 8800 and ran some quickie tests. Expect full disclosure in coming days, but right now it

  22. sergey_ss18 Says:

    Obviously NV is going to confuse an average consumer totally with their indexes. I’m tired to carry out with all that 8800 GS,GTS,GTX,STG,GGG, spatially when ATI proposes to distinguish TX,XTX,GT,PRO, etc. Considering each index has at least four figures in front, the process of distinguishing and choosing the necessary card for the most buyers will be based on the price preferrings.

  23. NVIDIA готовит наступление на middle-end рынок | Alex-blog Says:

    [...] за 384 Мбайт видеокарту и $204 за 768 Мбайт. Уже появились первые результаты тестирования новой видеокарты в сравнении с GeForce 8800 GT. GeForce 8800 GS 384 [...]

  24. psolord Says:

    @Doug friedman
    Those who do not understand the POSTS should stop commenting on them. I SAID IN No 12 “i meant the 8800gs as the article says.JEFFNUN sorry as is said i made a typo mistake. I meant the GS not the GTS.”

    Also considering the Chrismas sales, i copy-paste from No 7
    “They had no product to hit ATI at this market.But now they lost the christmas sales and not only that…” meaning the ENTRY LEVEL MARKET. Did you read anywhere that i said NV lost the whole Christmas market because they had nothing to sell? NO! I didn’t say anything about the 8800GT so what’s the point of your comment?

  25. WebSite Tech4pc » Arquivo » Review da GeForce 8800 GS e GeForce 8800 GT Says:

    [...] site ExpReview conduziu um comparativo relativamente detalhado da placa gráfica GeForce 8800 GS 384 MB com a [...]

  26. Doug Friedman Says:


    How many people actually would buy a HD3850 256MB when the 8800GT 256MB is only 30 dollars more and performs close to 30% better?

    Maybe you should do some channel checks to see if ATI’s Radeon is selling or not. Last time I checked, ATI has been slashing the prices on the Radeon HD3000 lines by $5/week. It still does not clear the inventories.

    You should learn some basic lessons in economics. That price is a function of demand if supply is known. If the price goes down, it means no one wants it. I am so fucking sick and tired of people saying that Nvidia cannot supply G92 chips, when the demand is so huge, it fucking sells out in minutes. It’s the kind of a problem that ATI really wants.

    So my last word to you psolord, open your eyes, DAMMIT is going to BK in 2009. Mark my words. You can be a DAMMIT fanboy all you want. Oh, go buy 4 HD3870s and see if they work together in games.

  27. sergey_ss18 Says:

    @Doug Friedman
    The recommended price for 3850 is about $180, for 8800GT – $300. I don’t know where did you see the $30 gap.

  28. Rappa Says:

    he said the 256mb 8800GT in his post its is quit a bit cheaper than the full 512mb GT which has higher clock and mem.

    anyway see how easy it is everyone to mis read a post, everyone should just relax a little…

  29. psolord Says:

    @Doug friedman
    i think that you should go and ask employment at the side of Steven Spielberg because your imagination is truly vivid. Kudos to you for that.

    I don’t know where the hell did you see the 30% gap or the 30 dollars difference. As you can see here http://en.expreview.com/?p=161&page=22 expreviews tests resulted in the 8800GT 256 being 8.58% better. Stock clocks. If you max ooverclock both these cards the gap will be even smaller since the 3850 is 55nm and will oc better.

    Here in Greece the 3850 256 sells for 143 euros and the 8800 GT sells for 193 euros. Thats a whopping 50 euros AKA 75 dollars. But maybe 75 dollars is nothing to you too. Don’t forget though that there are children in this world that are kept alive with one dollar per day. So don’t you throw you stupid dollars at my face by saying “only 30 dollars more” like its nothing.

    As for the multi chip ATIs performance see here http://en.expreview.com/?p=53
    I have conducted benchmarks of my own. Thank you very much. If i need you opinion i will ask for it.

    Also i don’t give a shit about DAAMIT closing or being bought or anything. What i want is value for my money.

    And if you like to play the prophet as i see you do, i tell you that nvidia will be kick out of the industry once intels gpus come out. Nvidia just got lucky.The 8800 is their best product so far.24rops and higher shader clock is what lead them to the top.Big deal. They had nothing to present as true innovation until 2006. They do have great marketing though. Thats it. I’m really sorry for ATI they didnt deserve this. Thats what happens when your rest on your victories.

    Oh by any chance you missed it i’ve been a happy GTX owner for the past year so aside from admiting my ATIfanboyism i dont suffer from such komplexes to not buy nvidias products. Above all i am a gamer.

    Prices of the 8800gt 256 in Greece

    prices of the 3850 256 in Greece

  30. psolord Says:

    sorry bad copy paste previously
    prices of the 3850 256 in Greece

  31. psolord Says:

    Fixing previous post No 29

    “Here in Greece the 3850 256 sells for 143 euros and the 8800 GT sells for 193 euros.”

    “Here in Greece the 3850 256 sells for 143 euros and the 8800 GT —256— sells for 193 euros.

    expreview should really change the posting scheme. We need registration complete with username passwords and edit options.

  32. G92 Terbaru: 8800GS - Gamexeon Forum Says:

    [...] The guys at Expreview claim to have the first benchmarks of the new product and you can find them here. Overall, the GeForce 8800 GS appears to be around 25 percent slower than the GeForce 8800 GT, but [...]

  33. Doug Friedman Says:


    Nice, 193 Euros for the 8800GT 256MB? Wow, no wonder NVidia is making money hands over fist. I don’t blame the price because 8800GT 256MB is a whole lot faster and people are willing to pay for it.

    BTW, do you get Greek massages? They are pretty good right? Now, why does a person from Greece care so much about a Chinese website reviewing products of two competing US companies?

    “Oh by any chance you missed it i’ve been a happy GTX owner for the past year so aside from admiting my ATIfanboyism i dont suffer from such komplexes to not buy nvidias products. Above all i am a gamer.”

    So you have made the right choice on the GTX. What puzzles me is the reason for your fanboyism when you are buying Nvidia products for your own use.

  34. psolord Says:

    @ Doug Friedman

    The reason i bought the GTX is that there was no alternative at the time. The 2900XT was a power hog without great performance so i would never prefer it. The GTX is the second nvidia product i buy. The previous was the 6800GT. In my opinion those are the only worthwile products from NV.

    I have three pcs and the two are always ATI equiped but the No1 which is the gaming machine always gets the best graphics card either it is ATi or NVidia.

    I just don’t like nvidia. I have explained it before but since the posting scheme in expreview does not allow to follow up previous user comments i will say it again. I liked ATI more being Canadian and all that. And lets not forget Alex Vlahos who is canadian/greek and was (may still be) the lead programmer for ATIs demos.But now ATI is bought by AMD so they are supporting US interests now, making it all the same to me. I just dont like to support US products.The US has grown too powerfull for my liking.Also they bought out 3dfx which was my favorite company and i hated them for that. They also seem too arrogant and i cannot accept that either from companies or persons.I like red better than green too! :P

    Thats the reason i like expreview so much. Being chinese they are humble and hard working people.PLus they have the news first. Also i always follow technology news/advancements because that way i lose as less money as i can. For example It has been already two weeks that nvidia announced the price drop of the GTX to 369euros but here in Greece it is still 470. So selling now was the right thing to do. I have a 3870 at the place of the GTX and i have no complains about it. I even benchmarked it against the GTX before selling it and i posted my results here.

    I have never heard of Greek massages!!?? The Greeks are not known for their massages. As far as i know the chinese experise in that area!

  35. David Says:


    Friedman is making an ethnic slur agaisnt you and Greeks after being challanged on the facts. It is as if you made a crack about Jews to him here. (Apparently slurs against Greeks by Jews are ok according to Friedman.)

    Does ATR (American Technology Research) approve of its employees such as Friedman making ethic and racist slurs on the web in its efforts to promote its company line on analysis of AMD vs nVidia?

  36. psolord Says:

    Racist insult? By a Jew? Oh my! My silence is your answer (greek saying)

    Whatever the case i believe i have shown my character so anyone can make their own conclusions.

    No hard feelings.

  37. Expreview.com - Extra Hardware News Report! » Blog Archive » ASUS announced two versions of 8800GS Says:

    [...] the frequency is different to Palit 8800GS. Because Palit’s is 575MHz for 384MHz and 650MHz for [...]

  38. Egor Says:

    Men, wonderfull processor you have “QX6950″ ;)

  39. Jeff Says:

    err…just call me master of mistyping..fixed the bug.

  40. Egor Says:

    yes, in some reviews there are some alike bugs, thought not to tell all the truth. Or is it better to?

  41. Jeff Says:

    Egor, for example?
    6950 is only a mistyping…

  42. Egor Says:

    try to catch it :)
    everywhere in testbed “eneRmy territory”, and sometimes in HL2 “tim_demo” ( _ means missing symbol)
    in http://en.expreview.com/?p=182 “It looks simUilar”
    http://en.expreview.com/?p=180 “EvCery one think”
    http://en.expreview.com/?p=179 “new inno_ative designs”
    http://en.expreview.com/?p=146&page=3 “some paCThes for 3-Way SLI”
    just some publications i looked through
    But anyway, site is wonderful. :)

  43. Jeff Says:

    So many thanks for pointing out! already fixed. :)

  44. Expreview.com - Extra Hardware News Report! » Blog Archive » XFX GeForce 8800 GS 680M XXX 384MB revealed Says:

    [...] let you know how big the gap is between 8800GS and 8800GT, here is the quick comparison between 8800GS 384MB and a 8800GT 512MB, too bad it is a Palit version [...]

  45. Our Techno Lyrics » Blog Archive » Nvidia attacks the low-mid range with the 8800GS Says:

    [...] DX10-compatible and has more shaders than most cards had a year ago, so it looks like a good deal. These guys seem to have tested it and found it exactly as expected and possibly a better price-for-performance ratio than the [...]

  46. Expreview.com - Extra Hardware News Report! » Blog Archive » [Review] XFX GeForce 8800 GS 384MB DDR3 XXX Says:

    [...] 8800GS is not a “official” product, it is only a temporary player in the mid to high end VGA card market before 9600GT comes out. But it is a product with a very high price/performance ratio. 384MB 8800GS faster than Radeon HD 3850 256MB about 10% according to card makers, while the price keeps the same (at least in the chinese market). [...]

  47. Magnawolf Says:

    The best bang for the buck is the 8600GT w/ the DDR3 mem.

  48. Undying Says:

    Realy guys this card sucks lol!!
    HD 3850 is much better choice…

  49. Your Mama Says:

    The 8800 GT is by far the best bang for the buck. The 8600 GT is considered low to mid range video card. Nvidia rules my 2 8800gts’ in sli play crysis on high!

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