comparison test: Forceware 171.16 beta & Forceware 169.25 WHQL

In “8800GT how much memory do you need?” we discussed about the in-game graphic memory usage. We know different game engine needs different size of memory. And guys at NVIDIA said the new drivers will optimize memory access algorithm, let those memory intensive game can be more smooth.

So we start testing after we get the 171.16 beta. Will memory intensive game be more smooth?

Test Bed:

CPU: Intel Core2 Q6700(OC:10*333MHz)

Mobo: Foxconn P35A-S

GFX: Galaxy GeForce 8800GT 512MB (600/900/1500MHz)

Mem:1GB*2 DDR2

OS: Windows Vista Ultimate。

Driver: NVIDIA Forceware 169.25 WHQL & Forceware 171.16 Beta

We choose three games with different graphic memory requirements. FEAR is not a memory intensive game. Crysis needs at least 512MB.

COH is memory intensive, 1024MB VGA card will be more smooth.

It seems not big improvement in the 171.16beta. The only big improvement is Crysis 4XAA. But one frame per second improvement is meaningless. So the average improvement is 0.5% if we omit Crysis 1920×1200 4xAA High. This means 171.16 did not improve any memory access thing.

Because of the leaked driver did not contain any release note so we can not do any further test about the other improvements.

15 Responses to “comparison test: Forceware 171.16 beta & Forceware 169.25 WHQL”

  1. comparison test: Forceware 171.16 beta & Forceware 169.25 WHQL - Computer Forums Says:

    [...] if we omit Crysis 1920

  2. psolord Says:

    Jeff could you please make a comparison test between catalyst 7.12 and 8.1? In single 3870 i would like to see benchmarks of games that run like shit on ati cards aka colin mcrae dirt,lost planet and blacksite area 51. Of course in single card 3870 i will test them myself too! :P

    The really important thing is that if you could test in crossfire 3870 the aforementioned games which run even worse during my tests. I don’t have the second 3870 any more so please if you could do it, it would be great.

    Also some other games that actually perform WORSE with TWO 3870 are the following :
    bioshock,call of duty 4,trackmania united (60fps less!!),crysis,tom clancys rainbow six. Also please test dark messiah because it complete crashed with CF on my tests. Oh and the icestorm fighters demo.

    Keep this list to test with the R680 once it comes out because i think many people will be interested about the results of both setups. I’m really curious if ati is actually working on the drivers or are they just kidding us!

    If you can please run those test on a quad core 2. Thank you.

  3. philip Says:

    The comparison test between catalyst 7.12 and 8.1 coming soon.

  4. psolord Says:

    Gee thanks philip! :)

  5. Man of Reason Says:

    They are meaningless when you can clearly see that none of the games in the test bed showed any gain. This is not about ATI but between nvida’s drivers. Some people just can’t take it can they…LOL

  6. comparison test: Forceware 171.16 beta & Forceware 169.25 WHQL : Mark Puzzled Blog Says:

    [...] Jeff: [...]

  7. [ 4 Geeks ] » nVIDIA ForceWare v171.16 Beta liberado Says:

    [...] site Expreview também fez alguns testes com essa nova versão e notaram um pequeno crescimento de performance de [...]

  8. psolord Says:

    My first tests with the 8.1 catalyst showed that they actually fixed something. LOST PLANET now runs at perfectly smooth 60+fps at 1680*1050. With catalyst 7.12 it run at a shitty 45fps on the same resolution.

    Unfortunately i have not witnessed any other performance increase, although i am not finished yet.Colin mcrae dirt and blacksite area 51,still run like shit. Crysis too!

    We await expreviews results philip especially in crossfire mode. And also get ready for the r680. It is coming soon…..:D

  9. Leaked Nvidia beta gave +5 more FPS - Electronic Arts UK Community Says:

    [...] or improvements in Crysis only with maybe decreases in other games. See the review here – – Extra Hardware News Report!

  10. colin Says:

    I’m curious what these drivers will do for the 256mb 8800gt. This card is the one most limited by its ram, so does this one have the most potential for improvement? I own one so I’m especially interested.

  11. Forceware Beta 171.16 para Windows Vista 32bits | Guia do Windows Says:

    [...] Embora não seja uma versão oficial, saiu informação sobre a mesma no site Expreview [...]

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