9800GTX 3Dmark06 score here, don’t be too excited *Update*

Update: Ran another test with a X9650@4GHz, no more bottleneck for 9800GTX.

9800GTX w/ X9650@4GHz, Click to enlarge

Original story:

9800GTX w/ X9650@3GHz, Click to enlarge

As expected, here is the card’s 3Dmark06 performance. Nothing special, score just around 14K, not those Über high scores. But considering 9600GT SLI scaling to a new height, maybe 9800GTX is also good at SLI and 3-way SLI.

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  1. yated Says:


  2. deN Says:

    is it worth to buy a 9xxx series that wont support direct x 10.1?

  3. fbfb Says:

    even 8800 Ultra beats this..

  4. pekka Says:

    even overclocked 8800 gt beats this..

  5. lol1694 Says:

    man this is bullshiats… my OC 8800GT wins this card

  6. PSOLORD Says:

    9800 gtx sucks. Nvidia managed to desecrate the “GTX” name. Although i am an ATI fanboy the 8800GTX really won me over. But then i came back for the 3870! :P

    9800 Grand Turd eXtra!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    this website is so full of credibility, MEH you guys suck. no well worded writeups, i think you’re just puttin junk on the internet

  8. Anonymous Says:

    ok… if this is all true…. the 9800GTX is an overclocked 8800GTS with Tri-SLI support and the 9800GT will end up as a either 8800GTS or 8800GT with Tri-SLI support… great… sucks… (guy sitting on a 8800GT SLI rig with Tri-SLI mobo)

  9. Jelle Mees Says:

    Lol, I have more with my 8800GT! :D

    If this is true then I’ll be buying an ATI HD4 card.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    How relevant is that, great you get more with a 8800GT, what do you get at stock with a 3GHz quad?

  11. NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX Says:

    [...] Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650 @ 3GHz, 2GB of DDR2 memory, ASUS Maximus Formula X38 and a single GeForce 9800 GTX @ 675/1688/1100MHz the result is 14014 marks. Expreview.com – Extra Hardware News Report! Blog Archive 9800GTX 3Dmark06 score here, don’t be… [...]

  12. Fail train next stop: nVidia Says:

    This is just incredibly lame.
    You can easily get this with an 8800gtx already. Hell, even with an 8800gt and a little effort you can get this.
    Obviously nVidia just wants to milk the PC n00bs who only go for the series numbers for all it’s worth.

  13. Hok Says:

    Perhaps New Pure Video 2 can make someone to choose for 9800 GTX than 8800 ultra?

  14. 9800gtx Says:

    [...] Looks like it’s going to be a mildly overclocked 8800gts, so much for nvidia winning this round. 9800GTX 3Dmark06 score here – Expreview.com [...]

  15. GUYZ Says:

    if u read some info on expreview u would know that the 9800gx2 is extremly declocked because of the heat issue if there where waterblockes for it they would put it in its standard clock and even extremly oc it it would bee veryfast

  16. DarkElfa Says:


    …and if you had half a brain, you’d realized that all this info on the 9800GTX is complete bullcrap. It’s fake. I’ll bet the life of my children that this info is either entirely made up or whatever card they got their hands on wasn’t a 9800GTX. Life of my kids guys. This is garbage. ;)

  17. Bo_Fox Says:

    Hmmmm… maybe Expreview and Techpowerup decided to piss Nvidia off today, just for sh!ts and giggles, or to try to get Nvidia to leak more info in a shorter amount of time.

    But hey, @ Expreview and Techpowerup, that would make you guys less reliable like the INQ. You guys better be careful.

  18. Crole Says:

    If this is true, it’s worth bearing in mind that the 9600GT compares similarly to an 8800GT, this despite having only 64 stream processors. A 9800 card using the same GPU and core shader architecture as the 9600 should be able to perform far in excess of an 8800, even though it looks unimpressive from the perspective of the screenshots above. The increased performance would be purely due to increased efficiency in the GPU and shader architecture.

    Having said that however, what make me think these are fake is that the GPU-Z shots show the GPU as being a G92. The 8800GT uses the G92 too, while the 9600GT uses the new G94. I would expect that a real 9800 would be using at least a G94 too.

  19. GoodBoy Says:

    I will wait for a [H]ard-ocp review to pass judgement….

  20. DarkElfa Says:

    Indeed Bo_Fox, doesn’t this kind of blatantly obvious fabrication just make you roll your eyes in anger? No, people, do not believe anything you read about this card on here, it isn’t true, they’ve just smoke and mirrored us.

  21. jaredpace Says:

    I think its real. Nvidia is fucking everyone because they can. I’d bet g92/g94 technology is capable of 512bit mem bus, 768 to 2048mb of video mem, 900/2200/2000 core/mem/shader, 48 rops, more tmu’s, etc etc. You’ll see it released under g90/92/100, g100, or gt200 at 65nm, 55nm, or 45nm later this year. They’re just farting around. Don’t know what they’ll call it… maybe 9800 ultra, 9900gtx, something like that. It will compete directly with HD4000 launch.

  22. david Says:

    only 128 shader??

  23. DarkElfa Says:

    Jared, if you think tis is real, then I have a piece of land I’d like to sell you.

  24. BetrayerX Says:

    Why can’t it be real Elfa? I bow to your infinite wisdom. :rolleyes:
    Can’t anyone around could just THINK on the SLIGHTLY remote idea that the drivers are far from optimized for this NEW piece of hardware?

  25. T00ns Says:


    Of course nvidia jerk around. But they won’t simply “enable” misterious +32rops or something like that in g92 a3 revision. nv for a long time announces next gen that’ll boost performance based on multichip/core tech so g94 is probably first release with somewhat of new way of chip-link and not just an old sli we have been seeing for a long time with no real performance jumps.
    So if they redesign g92-a3 in that way we’ll se that kind of performance boost on 9800gtx, but it’s highly doubtful cause they would making competition to themselves and that next-gen multi-chip which is supposed to be that d9m (>>g94) x2. Only thing that will be enabled on g94 is additional 32sp and these chips are just scratched dies that have only 64sp functional. Or you think that they left 75% area die of g92 on g94 for something else.

  26. jaredpace Says:

    why would they decrease rops, decrease mem interface, decrease memory size, tmus, and many other things compared to the last generation gtx on a new core (g92) doesn’t make sense – i think its all there, but disabled (laser cut, whatever..) Don’t you think if they waited 1.5 years to release a core revision, it would have more memory, more rops, and a higher 512bit interface? If not, it’s just to earn money now milking with lack of competition. But i bet you they could release a g92 type core now, if competition demanded, that would double the performance of these current leaked stats.

  27. jaredpace Says:

    oh and 256 or higher SP’s is another great possibility.

  28. senar Says:

    My wild conspiracy theory: Since AMD/ATI could not come close to Nvidia’s current gen 8800 technology until the past couple of months with the 3870, the original Nvidia next gen technology (now renamed GT200) was postponed to continue milking the well-selling 8800 series (which is why the GT200 is still a 65nm product as they originally planned to release it about a year after the 8800GTX and this would’ve been a step up from the 90nm 8800GTX). To compete with the lower power consumption of the new 3870, they shrunk the G80 die to create the G92 and released a single 8800GT to beat the 3870 since they were not ready to release a whole new 89xx or 98xx product line. But after a few months of constant complaints from Nvidia fans waiting 1.5 years for the 9800 series and slightly slowing sales for the 8800 series by those waiting for the rumored 9800 series, they tried to fix the situation by creating a whole new 9800 product line based on the G92. This would also allow the GT200 to launch with a brand new naming scheme. Releasing a stopgap 9000 series would buy Nvidia some more time to let AMD finish the R700 for which then they can finally release their GT200. Why wait for AMD to catch up? The same reason Intel is slowing down 45nm CPU releases. Killing off AMD would just present more antitrust issues so it’s better to have weak competition than to have no competition. Yes, I know – crazy stuff :)

  29. Benji Says:

    Has anybody else looked at the techarp site and looked at the gpu comparison and seen that it says the 9800GTX has 512bit memory bus and 128GB memory bus and supposed to have 256 unified shaders, is it gpuz thats reporting it wrong in the pic? is this benchmark bullshit? as my stock E8400 and 3870′s beat this!


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  33. fghbh Says:

    this is fake bacause the specs are identical to the 8800gts 512

  34. John Says:

    I hope to God that these results are fake. There is something definitely dodgy with these specs. Even a 8800 GTX is better than this shit being posted here. Why would NVIDIA go back to having a 256 bit memory interface while the 8800 had a 384/320 bit? Doesn’t make any sense to me.

    Seriously, I hope somebody is faking these results, because if this is true I’m not going to forgive NVIDIA for this, I’ve been looking forward to this card especially and I’m going to be disappointed?

  35. Maximir Says:

    i agree with senar, nVidia just wants to milk the shit out of consumers, and when AMD/ATi delivers R700 GPU, they’ll just release their long waited Gxxx series

  36. T00ns Says:


    It seem i thought on gx2 … anyway these “benchmark” seems fake cause they promised 300% performance boost compared to 8800gts. Anyway, what i meant these are cut down chips which you repeat another way (laser cut, yes) which could compete pretty well today so they released them before g94 (with all shaders … rops, tmus respectivly enabled) x2 which they suppose to call 9800gtx as promised in d9p. And they now can sell these chips cause even cut down to 64sp performs better than 112sp old gen g92 for consumer segment they intend to sell it.
    Only thing they could really enable in a matter of speaking on g9x is dx10. ps 4.1 in new a3 revision as speculated.


    Don’t believe nvidia would let itself a lullaby sleep on old laurel. They know rv770 is promised before summer (probably April), and even r700 is promised before summer but they probably delay it for BIS, for “drivers sake” as rs780 did and sell it wher consumers are not so picky and broke down by constant buying of new cards/mobos.

  37. 9 series biggest ever performance boost - Electronic Arts UK Community Says:

    [...] looks like a dud – 9800GTX 3Dmark06 score here – Expreview.com GX2 might be a decent performer though if they release decent drivers at [...]

  38. Anonymous Says:

    Why would Nvidia decrease the bus interface? Possibly the same reason ATi went did going from the 2900 to the 38×0? It’s not appearently not a limiting factor unless you are OCing the hell out of the card (notice how the record clocks are all on 2900s?) but adds a chunk of cost, which iirc Nvidia was trying to cut back on after making the GTs. I could have swore they tried to get partners to cut back on the number of layers of PCB or something like that.

    Where are you guys getting some of the info about these crazy improvements though? Are you sure you’re not thinking of the g100? This whole series is based off the G92 chip (read the one used in the 8800 gt and gts 512). Squeezing 300% out of product based on a product just released in the last couple of months is absurd.

  39. CaseCutter Says:

    Keep it up your providing exceptional “market position” for Nvidia to tailor this 9800GTX at the minimum tolerable performance level at a price. How minimalist would these enthusiasts un-object at say $400 – $450 point, that’s what their trying to understand.
    What should come first a $40-60 game written to Dx10.1 or the $400-450 hardware? Game titles will not invest the extra time when nobody has hardware and we aren’t about to sink $400 into see the same basic visuals 10Fps faster.

    Me I say I want know I’ll be able to play those “improved visuals” at 25Fps faster without sacrificing in the high and low frame rate spread in 6month when game writers realize there is a market.
    No hardware, not market or need to write that code.

  40. senar Says:


    My suspicion is that Nvidia is pretty much done with the GT200 so once they know when AMD is releasing the R700, they will put out the product into the market within a few weeks of the R700 release. Nvidia is just sneaky like that.

  41. Anonymous Says:

    This is complete bogus. This so called “next generation” card is not even as fast as the 8800 Ultra and it is about the same as the current 8800 GTX. An 8800 GT OC can get these numbers. I would much rather buy an HD 3870 X2 than this. I mean seriously, is Nvidia planning on downgrading the GTX name, or is this the direction the company is heading?

  42. DarkElfa Says:

    There are obviously people here that are seeing the crap for what it is and those who want to believe that Nvidia is out for a butt screw, but I just don’t buy that at all.

  43. Cooper Says:

    Darkelfa, I’ll take your bet! Now let me prepare my “special” sacrifice pit and mount the pentagram on the wall of lost souls.

  44. senar Says:


    HardOCP posted pretty much the same thing (the 9800 series was nothing more than the die shrink to 65nm) back in January. Do you believe them?

  45. [CPC] 9800GTX Revealed. - Overclock.net - Overclocking.net Says:

    [...] look pretty legitimate, back up the latest leaks concerning Nvidia’s forthcoming GeForce 9800 GTX. Expreview and VR-Zone have spilled the beans, revealing that the GeForce 9800 GTX is a very similar beast to [...]

  46. Duke Says:

    Why don´t compare it to a 8800 Ultra? How much faster ist the 9800 GTX? It´s about 12 % higher clocked, but has fewer RAM and a fewer Pixelrate.

  47. nvidia on milking tour Says:

    As long as there are enough blindly devouted fanboys like e.g. darkelfa who buy anything that nvidia puts on the shelves with no questions asked, they will continue milking their customers with shams like this 9800gtx.

  48. 9800 GTX first benchmarks - GamersHell.com Community Forums Says:

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  49. jaredpace Says:

    Nvidia GT200 (D10E) Core Gpu-z sceenshot & 3dmark06 score in 2560×1600:

  50. Peter Says:

    This surely cannot be the 9800GTX’s scores! It’ll probably be the 9800GT scores or something! My reasoning : i think nvidia will merge some GTX tech with some G92 tech meaning an 384 bit memory bandwith and an rev.updated G92 core with minimal 128 and maximum 152 shaders. my guess is 128 shaders and between 675 and 730 Mhz GPU and 384 bit memory at about 1100 Mhz. this thing cant be named GTX it will just be the renaming of the 8800GTS 512 with slightly higher clocks.

  51. kenshi Says:

    If everything is true that show a true picture of graphic

  52. kenshi Says:

    jaredpace# The result of gt200 is a lie has been proved

  53. @ DarkElfa Says:

    u lost ur kids LOL.

  54. Jeff Says:

    @kenshi, when the time is right,we will show the card…but just not now because there are rules everywhere.

  55. kenshi Says:

    Ok jeff, but if the nda, but show results and marks breaks the rules of the nda ¿?

    On the other hand a nvidia disappointment with the results of the 9800gtx are equal to 8800gts 512 with the same frequencies

  56. @ kenshi Says:

    Of course the results are the same – after all, it’s just a relabeled 8800gts 512 with slight OC and 3way sli support. Nothing much to see here.

  57. Hasam Bakulu Says:

    That waiting, 256 shaders a trip to the moon + 1 xbox360?.
    The 9800 GTX is perfect in the market segment where they landed (of the moon ¡¡¡), surpassing the 8800 GTX, with lowest consumption (3 SLI -300 Watts), improved high-definition video, and a price slightly more accessible, but this will not pretend, as it would be moving to another segment.

  58. Convict Says:

    3Dmark score is nothing! Radeon HD 2900XT haw more than 30000 points in 3dmark, and what?

  59. Lightnix Says:

    Post a picture of the card, on a table or something, none of this white background easily-photoshopped nonsense.

  60. The GeForce 9 Series GPU Info Thread - Page 31 - Overclock.net - Overclocking.net Says:

    [...] 3Dmark06 score here, don

  61. Undying Says:

    nVIdia is confused lol this sucks!
    8800GTX will own 9800GTX WTF???

    I Dont now for u guys but this not looking good…

  62. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Says:

    lol omg another fake lol

  63. The GeForce 9 Series GPU Info Thread - Page 32 - Overclock.net - Overclocking.net Says:

    [...] Posted by linskingdom Details here Update: Ran another test with a X9650@4GHz, no more bottleneck for 9800GTX I think that’s total [...]

  64. Eric Says:

    Maybe Nvidia just plain doesn’t have a faster card. People just assume they do.

  65. kenshi Says:

    real pics of 9800gtx


  66. Leak!9800GTX sample pics are everywhere - Expreview.com Says:

    [...] 9800GTX scores 35803 at 3Dmark03. you would like to compare it with our 3Dmark06 score. [...]

  67. Linus Says:

    512MB ram? thats not even close to what 9800 GTX will have.

    the 9600 GT has 512MB ram. Probably there of the low score. 9800 GTX will get 1GB atleast. So this is just bullshit.

    (this is the information we’ve got from nVidia to our company)

  68. 9800GTX will hit the market in March 25 - Expreview.com Says:

    [...] will be as high as 6XX USD, the price of 9800GTX still keeps unknown. We know a single 9800GTX only performs like its predecessor, but maybe it is born for 3-way [...]

  69. gotenk Says:

    This is what happens when there is no competition , AMD fu**ed the graphic video proccesor industry , they will end up beeing bought by NVIDIA for sure , and until some company will come up with something new to the table we will be playng games with exactly the same graphics for a long time… , and with an improvement of 1 fps per year .
    NVIDIA for sure has disolved their development and research departament , and now they will give us the same shit but in different packages!!
    All of those that buy this shit like 9800GTX or 9800GX2 are idiots , unless this information isn’t true , but i doubt that because engineering samples have been out there for some time now , and i read on others sites also .
    I recommend you not to overclock your cards anymore because you’ll have to hang on to them for a long long long while…. !!!!!!!!

  70. Leepox Says:

    stfu gotenk… amd did not fuck up the market, nvidia has always had an upper hand comparable to that of intel. Its because both the 7600 and 6600 cards were top notch budget mid range, and a lot more people buy that than the high end cards. Its like you trying to say AMD fuked up the processor market. You should be thankful that this company is resilient despite being lesser in cash and you guys buying intel products.

    Its not just the companys fault but also the consumer… Im sure youve got and intel/nvidia set-up and you my friend is also going to be one of the million reasons if ever AMD goes kaput

  71. Leepox Says:

    And to Linus, you are obviously a hardware newbie.. basing your assumptions on performance entirely on the amount of memory a GPU has.. that is not the complete story… it does, but not all.. i suggest you do some reading.

  72. memory size 768MB? GeForce 9800GTX info sum-up - Expreview.com Says:

    [...] [...]

  73. PSOLORD Says:

    AMD did not fuck up anything. They just released half baked products for the past year, due to the merging with ATI. Now they are coming back. And they are going to kick A LOT of asses. DO NOT FORGET. AMD is the ONLY company, that currently has,CPU,GPU,CHIPSETS and evolving them simultaneously. So STFU!

  74. Undying Says:

    GTX allways was “meaning” of best,strongest and nVIDIA with 7xxx and 8xxx was hiting the market first with GTX!
    Realising first 9600GT was bad move for nvidia (in my opinion)
    Test is true 9800GTX will be same card like 8800GTS 512MB but nvidia want to be like that way (nobody now whay) but what about GTS and GT then?

    9800 GX2 (599$) is very reminiscent of 7950 GX2 of days past. (And we loved the 7950 GX2 at launch, but terrible support and diminishing returns soon painted it as one of NVIDIA’s biggest failures since the 5800 series.)(599$)

    Guys 9800Gx2 is not worth of buying,9800GTX will fail soo on and soo on lol nvidia will get us to the past :D Just stay on your 8xxx and wait for 10+ next year :)

  75. alcoholic101 Says:

    well for me its a relief because i stupidly bought into a brand new setup, (8800gtx sli)thinking the 8800gtx were not dated cards! lol a bit nieve but if this is the case then im definately not complaining!

  76. Anonymous Says:


  77. NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX özellik ve resimler | Oyun Türkiye Says:

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  78. Double Nickles Says:

    I checked the GPU-Z screenie against my 8800GTS G92 GPU ID, and they’re identicle. The 3dmark score is even the same as what I get. This article looks to be nothing more than someone’s cheesy photoshop induced attempt at stirring the pot. My advice, if you see it on the ‘net, be skeptical. If you see it on the store shelf, then buy it.

  79. Nvidia 9800GTX Pictures Released! Scores 35k in 3Dmark03 ! Says:

    [...] 9800GTX scores 35803 at 3Dmark03. you would like to compare it with source 3Dmark06 score. [...]

  80. Jeff Says:

    @ Double Nickles

    Tomorrow is 9800GTX’s launch day. you will find it out

  81. woodstock222 Says:


    and dark elfa you can go kill your kids now!life of my kids!! owned niggaz!!

    having said that the 9800gtx sucks my big fat juicy dick and so can nvidia right now. bastards keep ripping everyone off!

  82. Anonymous Says:

    my g80 8800gts ssc with 122 sp at 675/1728/2214, beats the crap out of this thing with my q6600 at 3.72 ghz, i get 14899 3dmark 06 point lol.

  83. max Says:

    my g80 8800gts ssc with 122 sp at 675/1728/2214, beats the crap out of this thing with my q6600 at 3.72 ghz, i get 14899 3dmark 06 point lol.

  84. Greg Says:

    I would love to see any of you guys with 8800gt’s gts’s or any other card other then 3870×2 or 9800gx2 beat those marks. I think a lot of you guys juts like tugging it! I get around 17000 with my 9800gx2 but my old 8800gtx could only pull 11500 max and my mates ultra only 750 odd more on similar system.

  85. Master Says:

    Well makes interesting reading, however I have a e6850, O/C to 3.93 and a standard GTX 8800 O/C. I managed to get 13300, might not seem as good as some of the others on here , however when you consider its a dual core , not a quad core, and its a standard GTX which actuall only cost me £234 inc vat a P&P. I Think it`s pretty good. These were also achieved on vista 64 OS

  86. spAde Says:

    Anyone who is a regular user of 3DMark06 knows this is fake. That isn’t how scores scale with CPU speed, not at all.


    Go here to see expreview.com’s credibility destroyed.

  87. spAde Says:

    @ Greg,

    I get around 15k with my CPU @ 3.7ghz and a stock GTS. A stock GTX with a 3.6ghz quad will be around mid 16k. I know it, because I’ve seen it.

  88. stuf Says:

    Stfu, the 9800GTX is better than 8800GT and 8800GTS I don’t care about what you can do when you have dry ice on your graphics card. These are just one shot scores, IN GAME, is where it counts. I know for a fact you don’t overclock your CPUs to 6GHz and what not while playing a game… Your computer would explode, stop being so POV and trying to make your piece of shit look good by bashing on something else with one shot scores. You’re all pathetic :).

  89. retardsmacker Says:

    ok retards, i’m sick of people dogging this gtx. It’s not the 8800gtx, but it’s reasonably close @ half the price of the ultra. Everyone keeps comparing this card to the 8800gtx and ultra, but they’re too damn dumb to note that it’s half the price. A card that runs just under an ultra for 330 bucks is amazing.

    Quite being a bunch of retards and actually look at it for what it is, a great bang for the buck card.

  90. Anonymous Says:

    The post above me is the only post worth reading in the entire page. You guys are whining like babies because you E-nerds were expecting a card that could transport you inside your computer, but what NVidia came out with is a card that offers almost top notch performance at almost half the cost of the 8800u, which is pretty well worth it in my opinion. Not to mention the power consumption is much better.

  91. Anonymous Says:

    Also, all of the PROFESSIONAL reviews (IE, not E-nerds that think they know everything) prove and show that the 9800GTX outperforms all cards in video game testing EXCEPT the 8800u, which as I already stated is almost twice the cost.

  92. more4less Says:



  93. Whatever Says:

    I would seriously question the validity of this test. When I can reach 14,400 on my 8800 gts (g92) on q6600 @ 3.3ghz If I overclock the card I can get 15890. There is no reason that the 9800gtx with better bandwith and faster mem clock shouldn’t beat my scores easily. It just doesn’t make sense mathmatically since they’re based on the same core.

    There are also many other variables to consider before you say this card is junk. Granted it’s not what a GTX should be, but… If your running vista -1000 points, crappy ram -200 to 400pts, both of these negatives I have personal experience with, hence the reason I dual boot and still use xp for games and got better ram.

    Plus these scores are old, do some research at 3dmarks website. there are plenty of people getting between 15k and 20k on single cards oc’ed

  94. Anonymous Says:

    Quote:DarkElfa Says:
    February 27th, 2008 at 2:56 am


    …and if you had half a brain, you’d realized that all this info on the 9800GTX is complete bullcrap. It’s fake. I’ll bet the life of my children that this info is either entirely made up or whatever card they got their hands on wasn’t a 9800GTX. Life of my kids guys. This is garbage.

    Lawl your kids are dead… -im sure this guy has kids..
    - If you ‘fuck-tards’ are going to be hardcore critics buy water cooling blocks- oc your wanna-be rigs and see the numbers with high res and high AA- on benchmarks you can see these card not doing as well on benchmarks at low res- look up on toms hardware or other benchmarks- these cards remain much more stable at higher res as an 8800gt will drop drastically on ex. crisis high res.

  95. Jayden Says:

    Ive got an EVGA 9800GTX SSC edition, it fuckin shits all over this. FYI this 9800 is standard, the 9800GTX has huge OC potential, and the core and memory speeds are way above what it could be.

    My single 9800GTX scored 15k on 3DMark06, running on a PCI-Ex16 mobo with only PCI-E v1.0,, only about 70% capacity.. 4Gb DDR2 800 ram, E8400 @ 3GHz

  96. Erik Says:

    You can OC your 9800GTX as high as u want, you will never fulfill the PCI1.0 bandwidth. 70% capacity on PCI1.0 is bullshit. Even 9800GX2 doesn’t reach the PCIE1.0 standards…

  97. Jayden Says:

    the 9800GTX is a PCIE 2.0 compatible, why the hell cant it?
    using a version 1.0 mobo limits its performance

  98. Jayden Says:

    Erik, my pc for that test was completely stock speeds.

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