Review: GeForce GTX 280

GeForce GTX 280:a closer look

GeForce GTX 280 from Galaxy

Zotac GTX 280 AMP! edition, a high clock reference version.


Dual DVI + HDTV port

Comparison: Radeon HD 3870X2、GeForce 9800GTX、9800GX2、GTX280

The size of GTX 280 is the same with other three cards, as long as 26.6cm. The Fan is enlarged to 70mm compare to 9800GTX’s 60mm.


70mm fan

GTX 280 have one 6 pin and one 8 pin PCIe power connector,  the small one is a SPDIF IN connector.

MIO connectors two connectors for 3-way SLI

Page 1: GTX 280: A closer look
Page 2: GTX 280: A closer look part 2
Page 3: GTX 280: cooler
Page 4: Test Platform setup
Page 5: GTX 280 vs 9800GX2
Page 6: GTX 280 vs Radeon HD 3870X2
Page 7: HD video playback test
Page 8: GeForce GTX 280 power consumption test
Page 9: GeForce GTX 280 temperature and overclock test
Page 10: Final words

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7 Responses to “Review: GeForce GTX 280”

  1. The Geeks Of 3D » Another GeForce GTX 280 Review… Says:

    [...] Read the complete review HERE [...]

  2. Anon Says:

    What is the default fan speed?

  3. PSOLORD Says:

    Good review although i don’t understand why you left out the HD tests of the ATI card.

    Also we clearly see here that the 30% difference of the 4870X2 against the GTX 280 is a result of the bad AA performance of the rv670s.

    Just imagine what will happen once the R700 comes out with the new improved cores. I forsee that 30% to be switched and enlarged!


    Since it is possible to use 55nm on the GTX 280/260 it is possible to increase the numbers of transistors and initial sizes of the core and they would hopefully create a GTX 280/260ULTRA or even better, a GX2

  5. TC Says:

    Yet Nvidia STILL lags behind ATI for using the latest technology. STILL no Directx 10.1, STILL no Shader model 4.1. Both of which are the official standard. I guess their cards just can’t handle it.

  6. Jeff Says:

    we all know that in HD both companies keep the spec unchanged, so we only tested it with older NV cards.


    I hope I see an ULTRA Sooner or later

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