Review: GeForce GTX 280

â—† GTX 280 vs Radeon HD 3870X2

As ATI’s top dog, we think it is extreme necessary to compare HD 3870 x2 with GTX 280.

The 30% gap is not a surprise because when we bench HD 3870 x2 with 9500GX2 the gap is similar. We can see the G200 chip preforms the same and even better than two G92.

Page 1: GTX 280: A closer look
Page 2: GTX 280: A closer look part 2
Page 3: GTX 280: cooler
Page 4: Test Platform setup
Page 5: GTX 280 vs 9800GX2
Page 6: GTX 280 vs Radeon HD 3870X2
Page 7: HD video playback test
Page 8: GeForce GTX 280 power consumption test
Page 9: GeForce GTX 280 temperature and overclock test
Page 10: Final words

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7 Responses to “Review: GeForce GTX 280”

  1. The Geeks Of 3D » Another GeForce GTX 280 Review… Says:

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  2. Anon Says:

    What is the default fan speed?

  3. PSOLORD Says:

    Good review although i don’t understand why you left out the HD tests of the ATI card.

    Also we clearly see here that the 30% difference of the 4870X2 against the GTX 280 is a result of the bad AA performance of the rv670s.

    Just imagine what will happen once the R700 comes out with the new improved cores. I forsee that 30% to be switched and enlarged!


    Since it is possible to use 55nm on the GTX 280/260 it is possible to increase the numbers of transistors and initial sizes of the core and they would hopefully create a GTX 280/260ULTRA or even better, a GX2

  5. TC Says:

    Yet Nvidia STILL lags behind ATI for using the latest technology. STILL no Directx 10.1, STILL no Shader model 4.1. Both of which are the official standard. I guess their cards just can’t handle it.

  6. Jeff Says:

    we all know that in HD both companies keep the spec unchanged, so we only tested it with older NV cards.


    I hope I see an ULTRA Sooner or later

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