First Review: HD 4870 and HD 4850



Let’s look back, and count our fingers: after AMD launched Radeon HD 3800 series cards, NVIDIA have debut lots of graphic cards with good performance, but AMD fail to bring any new product, just keep shrinking and shrinking its RV670, looking for market share in mid-entry market.

But now, the time has come. AMD finally revealed their latest product, RV770. After more than half year’s developing and polishing, will it performs better than RV670 in the market, how’s its performance?

With the thought, we went to Hongkong and bought some HD 4850 and HD 4870. After day and night busy benching, here is the review.

Page 1: Introduction
Page 2: Card Specification
Page 3: A closer look: HD 4850
Page 4: A closer look: HD 4870
Page 5: Power Consumption Test
Page 6: Temperature and OC test
Page 7: Testing setup
Page 8: 3DMark06
Page 9: 3DMark Vantage
Page 10: Quake War
Page 11: Half-life2 Episode2
Page 12: F.E.A.R Perseus Mandate
Page 13: Call of Duty 4
Page 14: Unreal Tournament 3
Page 16: Crysis
Page 17: World In Conflict
Page 18: Lost Planet Extreme Condition
Page 19: HD 4870 VS GTX 260
Page 20: HD 4870 VS GTX 280
Page 21: HD 4850 VS 9800GTX
Page 22: HD 4870 VS HD 4850
Page 23: HD 4870 VS HD 3870×2
Page 24: HD 4850 VS HD 3870
Page 25: Final words

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248 Responses to “First Review: HD 4870 and HD 4850”

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  3. Hassan Says:

    From which website can i order three 4870.

  4. Hassan Says:

    Shit , Ati is loosing all GPU battles since 2002.

  5. Hassan Says:

    As GTX 280 is nVidia top card, so its better to compare it with HD4870X2.

  6. [Thread ufficiale] ATI Radeon HD 4870/4850 - PcHS.IT - Forum Says:

    [...] che expreview ha ”tradotto” la sua preview in inglese. oraalmeno si capisce …. vi rimando al LINK della [...]

  7. loce Says:

    if this review is true. The price per performance wins here. Not to mention that ati/amd will make the 4800 series compatible with 3870′s. So unlike all you nvidia shlong lickers, we can keep our cards and beat the crap out of nvidia for ALOT cheaper!!! All I can see, is a future igp like the 780g, coupled with a 3870 x2 and a 4870 all working as one. NVIDIA can’t beat it. AMD/ATI is on its way to an evolution while Nvidia is now trying to beat out the CPU. Please. I just hope AMD/ATI can keep its pockets full.

  8. nuker Says:

    Hassan, ati has won most GPU battles since 2002. R300>nv30, r400>nv40, g70=r520, r580>g71, g80>r600, g92>rv670, r700>G200.

  9. drudge Says:

    r700 is not > G200. You are comparing a 2GPU card that has not been released (and won’t be for months!) to a single GPU.

    An accurate comparison will be to compare R700 to the coming GTX280gx2. Nvidia still has the performance crown.

  10. KB Says:

    10% Performance crown at twice the price. (sarcasm)

  11. PSOLORD Says:

    What the HELL?

    97C idle 100+C load?

    I am a die hard ATI fan, but there is NO WAY i am putting this heater (4870) inside my precious Pcs.

    The 4850 with a zalman cooler, seems more and more to be a better choice.

  12. DarthV Says:

    Great!!! 4870 is new best-buy card of 2008!

  13. martijnve Says:

    The high idle temperature is becouse powerplay (power saving feature) is not working with the current driver. will probably be fixed soon.

    The high load temp is just becouse the fan is not spinning very fast (becouse the chip is designed to handle the heat and this way it can be cooled more quietely) not becouse it is using much power.

  14. David Says:

    That’s not the case anymore. People at ATI confirmed today that cards in a different series cannot be crossfired. :( Sorry, I wish it was true too.

    But, I agree that ATI is back baby. Screw the GTX 280 for more than twice the price. If nVidia doesn’t come down on their prices, ATI will make up a lot of what they lost! My business included!

  15. PSOLORD Says:

    @ martijnve
    I really really hope you are right my friend. I so much want a 4870 but i am not going to get one with these thermals and that power consumption. What bothers me greatly even if this is a driver problem, is that if the card reaches 100C+ as reported by expreview at load, the new driver isn’t going to help the load temps but only the idle temps. 100C is too much even for load.

    I would also like to ask Jeff and the rest of the expreview to doublecheck if the reported temps are Celsius or Fahrenheit. Please measure again the temperature with an external laser thermometer on the back metal.

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  17. Expreview: HD4870 review - Page 3 - Xtreme CPU Says:

    [...] the OP with the english article: First Review: HD 4870 and HD 4850 – These things are going for $399+ here, not much bang for buck in that. The 4850 isn’t too bad at [...]

  18. yami Says:

    If thats true about the cross fire with diffrent seris why dont oyu link it
    because as far as i know they can be crossfired

  19. yami Says:

    Ps guys get rivatuner and crank that fan up should bring temps down alot

  20. fail Says:

    yami, go to expreview’s home page.

  21. yami Says:

    umm ok ^.^ after market cooler would work too probly

  22. Tommy Says:

    you can allways ramp up the speed of the stock cooler, if it goes to 50%, get it to 80 atleast, then you will se drop in temps, also new thermal paste can do wunders to temperatur, put some Artic Cooling MX-2 on it and it will go down atleast 10c, DO NOT put Artic Silver on it, it will kill it, why? Artic Silver got silver in it and GPU does not like that, gpus does not have heatspreders like CPUs do etc

  23. Tommy Says:

    nice review, am wating for atleast 3 more to confirm before i buy anything from any CPU/GPU company :P

  24. Tommy Says:

    can Expreview confirm that the 4870 and 4850 uses same mount holes as 3870 and 3850?
    if it does then any aftermarket cooler will work that supports X1800/X1900 series ;)

  25. Force3D lanza Radeon 4870 - P Says:

    [...] entre la HD 4870 y la GTX 260, de todas formas no iria por una "Force3D"… Mira en:…0-and-hd-4850/ Parece que la 260 es mejor opci

  26. TosheX Says:

    just out of curiosity where did you get drivers for a 4870 card that will allow it to be tested in its full potential and how come a blog user gets to review the newest and most expected UNRELEASED graphic card before the big reviewer sites?

  27. Tommy Says:

    TosheX, no clue, meybe they bought them from a store some where ;)
    the 4870 has been selling in hong kong for the past few days ;)

    have a nice 4800 series day TosheX

  28. hoho Says:

    you should read more bit of it…
    the first page mentions that all those cards are bought in Hongkong.

  29. Aramint Says:

    Wow, the 4870 handles AA and AF pretty well. This is pretty good and thanks Expreview.

  30. Sebastien Says:

    Could the experts of expreview (or someone else) please recommend the ultimate cooler for the 4870 ? I don’t care if it’s massive and slightly expensive.. something that is relatively quiet and does an amazing job at getting the card waaay cool!

  31. mur8t Says:

    Does “all-setting high” mean “very high” or just “high” settings? Bit confusing.

  32. VipeR Says:

    hasan, you’re wrong ….. ATi lose just against g80/g92 for 1,5 years, before that it was a leading company

  33. Jeff Says:

    it is Celsius.

    accelero s1 is good, but i believe it is not”ultimate”

    just high, the very high numbers will be used at CF tests.

  34. Abo0odz Says:

    David, from where did you get that “People at ATI confirmed today that cards in a different series cannot be crossfired”. Tgdaily stated that 3800 and 4800 series can be crossfired.


    Prove me otherwise..

  35. Jeff Says:

    just try yesterday, doesn’t work

  36. Hil Says:

    >I so much want a 4870 but i am not going to get one with these thermals
    >and that power consumption. What bothers me greatly even if this is a driver
    >problem, is that if the card reaches 100C+ as reported by expreview at load,
    >the new driver isn’t going to help the load temps but only the idle temps.
    >100C is too much even for load.
    1st, you always have alternative design coolers. Surely HIS will do smth like their great IceQ coolers. Also, Zalman coolers may come too. As to 4850s, 2-slot coolers would be fine for them.
    2nd, you can bue your own cooler (Accelero?). It won’t be too much compared to GTX 260, I think.

  37. 中国来的 Says:


  38. Radeon HD4870 - prima implementare GDDR5 | Blogul magazinului online Says:

    [...] EXPreview – First Review: HD 4870 and HD 4850 [...]

  39. mcg Says:

    “An accurate comparison will be to compare R700 to the coming GTX280gx2. Nvidia still has the performance crown.”

    … what crack is this guy smoking, anyway? GX2? nVidia is discontinuing their GX2 line completely. They’re not doing dual-GPU. They laugh at dual-GPU. If they say otherwise, then I’ll believe it. But right now, 280GX2… *laughs his ass off* … highly unlikely, and currently a retarded idea. 9800GX2 ‘SLI Sandwich Special’ was bad enough. Though admittedly it does perform well, it’s just so inelegant it disgusts me.

    Also, for the crossfiring 4800s and 3800s… An ATi official actually said it could be done on the Game.AMD forums, but it would need Vista and it wouldn’t be any better than two of the 3800s in crossfire.

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  44. NeoXF Says:

    Wow! awesome! only 20W lower TDP one the 4850 than the 9800GX2 /sarcasm… yeah right… nice try Expreviw… And the thermals you picked up are all f-ed up (even if they were so… it says you uses the 8.6 hotfix… the hotfix brings temps by 10oC avrage lower, so what… the card blows over 110oC with the 8.5/8.6 on load?… yeah sure.

    Early reviews are always messy and/or biased/wrong in some areas…

    You’d have to be a idiot, or a fanboyi(pretty much the same thing), to base anything on one review and/or absolutely no ACTUAL (unbiased) user review/conclusion…

  45. PC1STOP.NET | ATI’s turn to showoff, Radeon HD 4870 reviews Says:

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  46. NeoXF Says:

    Oh yes they will. Since fan-management seems to suck so much, I assume some driver changes(to increase it’s speed/efficiency) can do ALOT.

    Also… alot of 4850 owners have replaced/reaplied the thermal paste on the chip/memory/heatsink… and it seemded to lower the temps by quite alot…
    Heh… seems like the AIBs have been too busy building as much 4800s as they can… to pass all of them trough quality check… that such a shame… :(
    Well… I’ll be getting a HIS/Sapphire custom cooled LATER batch of cards anyway… a 4870 that is… or maybe the X2…


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  52. philip Says:

    to mur8t:

    “all-setting high” means all “high” setting

  53. m00t Says:

    GTX 280 phail’d @ price : performance…

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  56. I don't have a name Says:

    Hasan says

    “Shit , Ati is loosing all GPU battles since 2002.”

    Do you even have a clue what you are babbling about? The current ATI line up looks to me to be beating the COMPETING cards in their particular range. E.G. 4870>GTX260
    4850>9800GTX. Do you follow this now? Or are you going to continue to be blindly ignorant always sucking nVidia’s dirty balls?

  57. Alex Says:

    Hi All,
    can I just say that TDP is NOT the same as power consumption! TDP (Thermal Design Power) is a value that states how much waste heat energy needs to be transported away from the GPU (or CPU). The Power consumption is the sum of (energy used for calculation + energy wasted as heat), or the energy used for calculation divided by the efficiency. Thus, the TDP will be LOWER than the power consumption, even more so in an EFFICIENT or a USELESS (ie NOT doing a lot of calculations) GPU/CPU.
    Just wanted to get that clarified.
    Otherwise, good review, still scared of these temps, but will make a nice BBQ!

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    [...] 4870. As of July 4th, GTX 260 has dropped to the same price as HD 4870. In fact, we found GTX 260 almost the same as HD 4870 in performance, but GTX 260 has advantages in NVIDIA’s drivers and industry [...]

  59. Erik Says:

    Ok, what I wanna know, is if E6550, OCed to 3.0Ghz will bottleneck HD4870, and, if is there going to be any differences between the PCI-E 1.1 and 2.0 motherboards? If there’ll be, how big will it be?

  60. Jeff Says:

    PCIe 1.1 x16 = 4GB/s
    PCIe 2.0 x16 = 8GB/s

    bottleneck issue will depend on games/applications…personally i think it is ok for current games

  61. Aramint Says:

    Correct on that one Jeff, PCIe 1.1 and 2.0 was found to have no differences. Tom’s Hardware did a comprehensive test in this regards a while back.

  62. Shinobi Says:

    You complain about the AMD card reaching 100c like no Nvidia has ever done that before.

    8800GTS 640 > ~130c benched in my very own rig.. (using furmark)

    Fourth card to go back for RMA at the eleventh month, Nvidia just can’t make cards that won’t burn up.. 66gt, 78gt, 79gt, 88gts.. They all stopped working after about a year.

    Some with after market coolers that dropped temps in half, still die like flies.

  63. yot Says:

    This review is so old

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  67. Max Says:

    I have 2 HD4850 cards in Crossfire but don’t really know how to adjust the settings to best suit what works.
    Where can I find instructions on how to familiarize myself with the features and optimize the settings, and when would I use OverClocking?

  68. Max Says:

    Actually, I’m looking for the equivalent of “HD4850 Crossfire for Dummies”

  69. Bobbyeagle Says:

    I have an HIS HD4850 Turbo IceQ and CCC doesn’t let you go bellow 1100 Memory clock. Any way to fix this?

  70. Bobbyeagle Says:

    Oh and I’m running CCC 9.11

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