Galaxy works non-reference 9800GTX out with 3-way SLI support

3-way SLI has been long limited to NVIDIA’s reference cards. Manufacturers seldom work on it. But now Galaxy works out 9800GTX with 3-way SLI support and 3DMark Vantage score is out. With three 9800GTX, the system scores P16594 in 3DMark Vantage.

We receive these pics from galaxy. These 9800GTX comes out with a redesigned cooler which are similar to Galaxy 8800GT’s cooler, with the heatsink covering almost the whole PCB and extending to the back panel. The Galaxy 9800GTX also features dual DVI and a HDMI out.

Benchmark result is provided but they have no words no the platform. Only thing we know is a E8400 overclocked to 4.72GHz, and the 9800GTX runs at 740/1836/1000MHz(core/shader/memory), 65/148MHz incresed on core/shader and 100MHz decreased on memory.

(click to enlarge the pics)

3DMark Vantage benchmarking, 36 fps at this scene

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