Gainward unveils their latest non-ref HD 4870 512MB GDDR5

Gainward today showed us a non-reference HD 4870 512MB GDDR5, if you saw Palit HD 4870 Sonic before, you know they are the same.

Because RV770XT is really, really hot, so even a penny saving company like Palit have slap a three heatpipe cooler on it two big fans. A 8015 fan is located in the middle, and a 7010 fan blows directly to the four phase VRM.

The card have dual BIOS, one is in default clock, core/memory runs at 750/950MHz, and its Overclock BIOS set the clock at 775/1000MHz. Other than normal Dual DVI output connector, theΒ  card equips a extra HDMI DisplayPort connector.

This non-ref HD 4870 is now in mass production, it will hit the shelf in early September, but still, the price is unknown.

GDDR5 memory from Qimonda

one 8015 and one 7010 fan

The back

Two Phase VRM for memory and four Phase VRM for GPU

9 Responses to “Gainward unveils their latest non-ref HD 4870 512MB GDDR5”

  1. Xajel Says:

    That HDMI port doesnt look like HDMI, it looks like DisplayPort to me duo to the fact it has only one corner cut ( DP = 1 corner cut, HDMI = 2 corner cuts )

  2. Martin Says:

    How to switch between the OC- and non-OC-BIOS?

    And what about the loudness of the fan?!

  3. George Says:

    I’m looking forward to the DisplayPort. I had a Gainward 9600GT with DisplayPort in the past and it barely worked, so I returned the card.

    I hope that Gainward also add the DisplayPort to a 4870 X2 in the future :)

  4. XT_@ Says:

    so how about the price?

  5. Xajel Says:

    Thanks for correction :)

    here’s another clear pic og

  6. Bojcha Says:

    Nice Card .. good cooling .. can we soon see full review of this card ?

  7. Babyfish Says:

    Look forward to the review…

  8. Xajel Says:

    Yeah looking forward to see reviews, specially comparing this cooler to the other high-end coolers like AC TwinTurbo and Zalman VF1000…

    Keep the good work Expreview :D

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