Galaxy boosts 9400GT with 1.0ns GDDR3

Following the Geforce 9400GT announcement, various manufacturers introduce their 9400GT, but a reference 9400GT features GDDR2 @ 400MHz. Now Galaxy pushes 9400GT some steps forward. The Galaxy 9400GT will come with 1.0ns GDDR3 which means 1000MHz reference clock(the memories are set to 800MHz actually). What’s more, the card runs at 600/1500MHz(Core/Shader), with 50/100MHz upper than a reference card.

With these advantages, the card is expected to catch more eyes.

5 Responses to “Galaxy boosts 9400GT with 1.0ns GDDR3”

  1. Viperper Says:

    Ok…who cares? it doesn’t matter what memory on that piece of crap card
    You can OC it all the way to 1000mhz/2000mhz/2000mhz and a 9600gt will still annihilate this. No more 1GB DDR2 marketing huh? GDDR3 is cheap now, so GDDR3 on crap card marketing now.

  2. Hok Says:

    I will care if the price still the same as competitor…

  3. Viperper Says:

    Yeah if the price is no more than 45USD which is what it worths.
    But I highly doubt it with that shiny GDDR3 marketing scheme and a extravagant cooler on it.
    Probably it will end up 65$+ especially it carries a ’9′

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