RV730 reviewed, preforms close to 3850

Chinese based website IT168 got their hands on with RV730, the upcoming HD 4670/4650. Initial test shows that HD 4670 is really close to HD 3850 512MB锛寃hich is only $100 in newegg.

The core RV730 is a 55mm chip, running at 600MHz/750MHz(4650/4670), memory @
700MHz/1000MHz(4650/4670), shader count is 320, the same with RV670. But memory interface is only 128bit, which sounds very low end…

In benchmarks 3DMark Vantage shows HD 4670 still can not easily catches up with HD 3850 512MB. But in actual games like HL2EP2 and COD4, the card performs very well, only a few FPS less than 3850.

But after all it is an entry-mainstream card, if run it with AA/AF, the card runs slower than expected.

Full review on IT168

6 Responses to “RV730 reviewed, preforms close to 3850”

  1. Mathieu Says:

    Interesting card. Can’t wait to hear more about it, see a full review and hear about street prices.

  2. Catapila Says:

    totally triumphs the 9550GT , great card

  3. Thilina Says:

    ATI Radeon is the best. Nvidia… what’s going on???

  4. sheridan Says:

    preforms close to 3850.

  5. x1reme Says:

    # It even beats the 9600gso which is a bonus (check anandtech for 9600gso getting trashed)
    # It don’t need any power connector which makes it unique in that performance range (king)
    # Is the best OEM/HTPC systems to this date. (king)
    # Uses only 50/60 watts and is silent as a fart when am next to my galis.
    # Less heat, more performance, DX10.1, silent, small, capable of 7.1 (sound) channel LPCM output over HDMI.
    # Nvidia is going to use anther new sticker on old stock e.g. 9 series cards (9600gso), this time it will be the gt200 series e.g. gt260+.

    well done AMD/ATi, its good for the customers (noobs), especially when they expect to buy new generation products (high number prefixes), with AMD that’s what they will get, unlike nvidia who use old cards with old technology but with new stickers (that’s a crime against knowledge).

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