Galaxy G31 mobo under $50, but high overclocking capacity

With falling demand for entry-level discrete graphics cards, several graphics card makers have taken steps to enter the IGP motherboard market including Powercolor, XFX, Gainward, Sapphire, BFG, Inno3D, Galaxy and Zotac. Galaxy entered this market much earlier and has introduced high-end 680i mobo in 2006. But now it introduces a new product for entry-level PCs.

The mATX factor form iG31MX is based on Intel G31 chipsets with the GMA 3100 graphics chip integrated. The board supports up to FSB 1333MHz and the ICH7 southbridge integrates 6-ch audio as well as 10/100M LAN. In term of expansion slots, it reduces PCI to one slots to reduce cost. Furthermore, the two DIMM slots and one PCIe slot will be enough for most family use while it just sells for 299RMB(as much as $43).

What surprises us most is its overclocking capacity. We’re able to overclock the e5200(2.5GHz) to 3.25GHz at reference voltage(1.2V), and with the voltage increased to 1.36V(the highest voltage within BIOS limit) we reach 3.68GHz finally. Taking account into the $43 price, it should be a excellent score.

Heatsinks on the Southbridge/Northbridge

double PS/2, COM(optional), VGA port, 4 X USB 2.0 ports, RJ-45 LAN port and 6-ch audio

triple phase powering

G31 Northbridge

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