Sex sells PART II – Gainward “lv bu” HD 4870(Golden Sample)

Following HD 4850 for part I, Gainward also prepares HD 4870 for part II. As always, here we go…

19 Responses to “Sex sells PART II – Gainward “lv bu” HD 4870(Golden Sample)”

  1. Ravi "Steve" Says:

    Well, it is very true that to sell an established product, a little sex appeal is required. But in this case, ill take the girl(s), thanks.

  2. Hok Says:

    Wao this time no larger 4 MB imagelink.

  3. someone Says:

    Woah! These girls are super hot! Gimme more! ;-)

  4. Hok Says:

    I Wonder if you give the 4 MB link like the first part. What will people see in more detail? The VGA?

  5. O.o Says:

    Why only chines girls?

  6. quincunx Says:

    Why not only Chinese girls? ^_^

  7. Mathieu Says:

    So, tell me. Where’s located that stand, where such hot girls will hand me such beautiful bodies…err, I mean cards!

  8. Klaus Says:

    I don´t like the girls.

  9. kusa Says:

    Thats Im talking about, We need more of this stuff, video cards and girls FTW!!!

  10. zmir Says:

    The good graphic cards make the game graphics satisfying to our eyes, and the girls are extremely satisfying to our eyes too! is gainward trying to blind us with oversatisfaction?

  11. Streetfighter Says:

    How old are you? There are just some girls and you quys talk aboaut satisfaction and “hot” girls, as if you don´t see such girls on the street. Are you guys in prisson?

  12. someone Says:

    Streetfighter: oh, excuse me, I forgot to tell you that I was locked up in jail a few years ago for involuntary manslaughter. Because of that, I actually enjoy looking at these beautiful girls (all gorgeous women). And I don’t care where you come from, girls on the street do NOT dress like this. So yeah, I think they’re hot!

  13. Supra Says:

    Awesome milky white $$$$$$
    High res pics plz :D:D:D:D

  14. jj Says:

    OMG they are hot the first girl is the best

  15. patman08 Says:

    I’d love a date with both girls but i agree with jj the fist chick is the hottest!

  16. Meeee Says:

    Nonsense advertisement but beautiful girl :D

  17. CaptainMurk Says:

    Perfect card; perfect girls
    Perfect fansink; perfect body

    I hope to find these girls in my bundle of HD4870GS’S in CrossFire xD

  18. MayerKingZ Says:

    I’ll buy a system whit this card ..
    my specs:
    AMD Phenom X4 9950 cpu
    GIGABYTE GA-MA790FX-DQ6 mobo.
    Gainward hd 4870 1024MB GS vga
    Kingston 4GB DDR2 RAM
    Samsung 1000GB SATAII
    NEC DVD-R +/- LightSribe
    550W power supply
    NZXT Trinity chase

  19. Anika Says:

    Hello. Great job. I did not expect this on a Wednesday. This is a great story. Thanks!

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