ELSA hints NVIDIA’s next step is 45nm(40nm?) GT212

Yesterday ELSA China held a channel meeting, talked lots of uninteresting stuffs there. But we noticed ELSA showed a new NVIDIA graphic card roadmap!

So,according to the roadmap, we are going to see GT206 coming out in the end of 2008. And a flagship GT212 will show up next year Also there will be another 9800GTX+ reflash in 08Q4.

GT206 is a 55nm chip and GT212 is a 45nm(or 40nm?) chip. Since the roadmap is directly coming from ELSA China, so i think it is totally believable.

You can read more of the channel meeting here, but except the roadmap there is nothing interesting.

12 Responses to “ELSA hints NVIDIA’s next step is 45nm(40nm?) GT212”

  1. Babyfish Says:

    Great news

  2. TC Says:

    There was already rumors a while ago about ATI coming out with 45nm chips this year. And from history, ATI has been much farther ahead in technology than Nvidia. I would not be surprised to see ATI with a 45nm chip long before Nvidia does. ATI even is MUCH farther ahead in supporting the latest DX10.1 standard. To this day, Nvidia still has not added it.

  3. Wig Says:


    Don’t act like Nvidia haven’t added dx10.1 support because they can’t, it’s not hard… They’ve not added it because they don’t see the need for it (no games currently support it).

    Your claims that ATI are ahead of Nvidia on process ability is also false, both companies get their chips manufactured by TSCM, and they’re both bound to the best that TSCM can do.

  4. tkrushing Says:

    And last I heard TSCM couldn’t get the first 40nm chips out before Q1 2009 and then that would mean at least a Q2 release from either company. Also Nvidia has be rumored to jump on the smaller transistor bandwagon saying they will not wait for the process to mature like they have been so it comes down to the fact that ATI better have a better chip design as they won’t have the lead by the smaller and thicker transistor densities. And this is just the last I heard about TSCM do some research on it but I think they are skipping 45nm and going to a half 40nm.

  5. asdfghj Says:

    seing that nvidia has been using older technology like gddr3 on its vga’s then i think that if they put that technology (new one) into their design they are to exceed ati by far, given the fact that its gtx2xx cards have been quite close to the ati hd48xx cards.

  6. tkrushing Says:

    I agree but I sure do love those price cuts ATI forced onto the market with the 4xxx series so hopefully their dual solutions can keep up.

  7. D.A.I. Says:


    It’s wrong that gtx2xx cards are close to ati hd48xx.
    They actually outperform them.

  8. unreal Says:

    if nvidia is smart they will bring out a dual gpu (with 40nm this should be possible) add some gddr5 and ati is toast id pay a grand for that card anyday.

  9. Anon Says:


    The reason why games don’t support DX10.1 is due to the fact nvidia doesn’t. Why would they support DX10.1 if the majority of the market doesn’t even have support for it? Their product wouldn’t work as well etc etc. As shown with Assassin’s Creed. They took DX10.1 out due to nvidia not supporting it.

  10. Lightnix Says:

    I think the reason that Nvidia doesn’t support DX10.1 is fairly obvious – You see in the few and varying DX10.1 benchmarks that exist ATi gets anywhere from a 10-30% performance boost from using it. My theory is that Nvidia either doesn’t get such a large performance boost or even takes a hit using their current architecture, meaning if they started supporting it and everyone else started supporting it, ATi’d get an advantage.

    Nvidia don’t do it because it doesn’t favour them.

  11. tkrushing Says:

    I would say right on and who can blame them? This is one of the most cutthroat businesses in the world and NV obviously took control of things since they kept DX10.1 off the market for so long and then even got ubisoft to take dx10.1 out of Assassins Creed! thats power. ATI is biting at NV’s heels like an annoying dog I think NV will take all the stops out and crush them this next go around. plus if ATI gets 1200 or 2000 SP on their chips how much hotter is it going to run? 90 idle?

  12. Anon Says:


    nVidia were able to get ubisoft to take DX10.1 out because they are one of their sponsorship type companies.
    As for ATi’s cards running hot, that’s due to the fan speed being set too low. Just increasing it to 50 or 60% made the temps go down MASSIVELY.

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