[Update]Phenom X2 6500+ pics

AD6500=Athlon X2 6500+.

Here is some pics that for yesterday’s topic. The Phenom X2 6500+(or we should call it Athlon64 X2 6500+?) is definitely faster than other dual core Athlons.

In comparison i ran a Athlon64 5000+, lower its clock to 2.3GHz, so it can compare with 6500+.

Test system:

Mobo: NVIDIA 750A
memory:GEIL 1GB DDR2-800
OS:Vista SP1

6500+ PI 1M: 33.43S

5000+ PI 1M: 39.374S

Today’s a busy day, more benches incoming.

18 Responses to “[Update]Phenom X2 6500+ pics”

  1. Bojcha Says:

    That is nice .. but now we need to see overclock capabilities
    and pi calculation on max oc ..

  2. pitu Says:

    So kuma available soon. Yes we want to see its performance at 3GHZ and at max OC. Considering it has only 2 cores temps will be lower than X4 or X3!

  3. AMD Says:

    But your System seems not to be good for OC…

  4. MTC001 Says:

    Thanks for the Preview, but could you please put that baby into a better system? At least 2GB Ram and a decent Graphics Card(HD4850 etc.) would be nice cause I and sure many others are interested in gaming performance of this new CPU :) -also in overclocked state :D

  5. Jeff Says:

    The full review will have more bench numbers and a good platform, coming soon. ;D

  6. Meeee Says:

    I’m still waiting your “more tests”. :D I hope this will be one of the great AMD series. And I also wonder how did you get that CPU :D

    Thanks for review…

  7. PSOLORD Says:

    Waining for a review also.

  8. PSOLORD Says:

    Waiting for a review also.

  9. World Says:

    I think if you give us a very good test your traffic would explode… ;)

  10. Arch Says:


    it looks like you are the only one on the world who has the cpu. Please give us more details!


  11. Artem S. Tashkinov Says:

    What’s its TDP?

  12. Arch Says:

    Why don´t you give us more information?

  13. StriderVM Says:

    Wait….. 2006 AMD? Wierd…….. was the Phenom X2 6500 made in 2006?

  14. Arch Says:

    No, its only a (c) sign. But what about a test of the 6500?

    And why i the OPN not mentioned. At first time you could see it on this page…but now…

  15. RB Says:

    Where have th ebenchmark results gone? When will we see an update… I’m impatient!

  16. 123 Says:

    That’s all a fake!

  17. Yeah Right Says:

    Jeff any idea when the review will be finally finished ? :P

    It’s been 111 days now man :D

    Thanks ;)

  18. Philip Says:

    Chinese version

    English version coming soon.

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