RV710 architecture disclosed

Radeon HD 4550 is going to ship at the end of September, but some of the documents have already been found, and the architecture of RV710 have been disclosed. The amount of transistors are 242 million, less than RV 730′s 514 million. This is because HD 4550 have only 80 shaders, and HD 4650 have 320 shaders.

There are two versions of ATI HD 4550, 512MB and 256MB versions. Both version have a reference board, 512MB is a full hight card and 256MB is a low profile. 512MB version have DVI/HDMI/DP output, and 256MB supports DVI/S-Video/D-Sub output. Both versions are running on 600/800MHz(Core/memory).

Basically speaking, RV710 is a shrinked RV730, only two SIMD (single instruction multiple date) array, each of them have one texture unit. Inside each texture unit there are 4 Texture Address Unit, and 4 Texture Filter Unit. So in RV710 there are totally 8 TA and 8 TF units. Also there is only one Render Back End and memory bandwidth is lower to 64bit.

The price of Radeon HD 4550 512MB is about 49-59USD, and 256MB version is around 39-49USD.The rival of RV710 will be NVIDIA’s 9400GT.

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  1. x1reme Says:

    # It even beats the 9600gso which is a bonus (check anandtech for 9600gso getting trashed)
    # It don’t need any power connector which makes it unique in that performance range (king)
    # Is the best OEM/HTPC systems to this date. (king)
    # Uses only 50/60 watts and is silent as a fart when am next to my galis.
    # Less heat, more performance, DX10.1, silent, small, capable of 7.1 (sound) channel LPCM output over HDMI.
    # Nvidia is going to use anther new sticker on old stock e.g. 9 series cards (9600gso), this time it will be the gt200 series e.g. gt260+.

    well done AMD/ATi, its good for the customers (noobs), especially when they expect to buy new generation products (high number prefixes), with AMD that’s what they will get, unlike nvidia who use old cards with old technology but with new stickers (that’s a crime against knowledge).

  2. PSOLORD Says:


    I hope it is not as smelly.

  3. guest Says:

    Let’s hope that this core makes it’s way to AMD’s IGP solutions in the near future.

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