Core i7 overclock feature changed

There’s always a demand for overclock, not only the elite overclocking community but also mobo vendors want Intel to change the plan, not limiting Core i7′s OCbility any more.

So Intel changed ideas recently, going to unlock memory ratios adjustments on Core i7 940 and 920. Before September Intel want this feature only exist in Core i7-965 XE.

So what can we expect with a Core i7-940/920? Memory will not only running under 800/1066, you can tune up for higher frequency, because Core i7 940/920 now have the ability to change memory multipliers, so mobo maker can write a BIOS with option to increase memory frequency. Also, changes memory multipliers can also allows QPI speed to be changed, but documents pointed out that raise QPI speed will only gain little performance.

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  1. Mathieu Says:

    I certainly hope that Intel doesn’t limit us in any way regarding overclocking. They would be shooting themselve in the foot if they did so, no one wants to pay XE cpus price only to overclock. A lot of people buy lower priced cpus to overclock them to the higher model speeds if not even more anyway.

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