Updated: NVIDIA 196.21 WHQL Driver Disables Users to Overclock


NVIDIA has told TomsHardware that the driver’s behavior with overclocking tools is indeed a software bug and they’re working on an updated driver package to fix it.

The folks at EVGA also act quickly by updating their utility to version 1.9.1, and you may click here to download.

Yesterday NVIDIA updated its GeForce/ION driver to 196.21 WHQL version which includes SLI and multi-GPU support for many new gaming titles as well as some bug fixes, but several users have found that after upgrade they’re unable to overclock any more.

Expreview did a small test to check out if it’s true. We run the test with Galaxy GeForce GT240 under Windows 7 64-bit operating system, and used the following four popular overclocking utilities to see what would happen.

* RivaTuner V2.24C

* EVGA Precision V1.9.0

* Galaxy MagicPanel HD

* MSI AfterBurner V1.5.0 Beta 5

RivaTuner V2.24C

As you can see, RivaTuner V2.24C just allowed us to tweak GPU clock and memory clock, while oddly, the shader clock just disappeared.

EVGA Precision V1.9.0

We had the same problem with the newly released EVGA Precision V1.9.0 – the shader clock can’t be tweaked either.

Galaxy MagicPanel HD

Things get even worse with MagicPanel HD – none of the core/shader/memory clock can be tweaked.

MSI AfterBurner V1.5.0 Beta 5

MSI AfterBurner V1.5.0 Beta 5 was the only software which “survived” during our test – everything works great.

Why the new driver won’t allow overclocking? The only reason that we could think of is the new driver was specially optimized for NVIDIA’s upcoming Fermi-based VGA cards, making it working against the current overclocking software.

If you feel the need to overclock your NVIDIA cards, we suggest you to stick with an earlier driver version or use the latest AfterBurner utility until the problem is resolved.


MSI AfterBurner V1.5.0 Beta 5

12 Responses to “Updated: NVIDIA 196.21 WHQL Driver Disables Users to Overclock”

  1. Joseph Kracko Says:

    Son of a B! They must really be having problems with those Fermi cards if they can’t overclock them AT ALL!

  2. MOS6502 Says:

    EVGA Precision 1.9.1 works without problems :)

    Version History:
    EVGA Precision v1.9.1 (01-21-2010)
    Added workaround for overclocking bug of ForceWare 196.21. Please take a note that the workaround is applied only to 196.00 – 196.21 driver versions range in order to ensure compatibility with future fixed NVIDIA drivers.

  3. Sue Says:

    The article has been updated – thanks for the info. :)

  4. csq2 Says:

    I don’t overclock anyway. I get massive tearing and damage to my gpu due to heat.

  5. mpq1671 Says:

    I have something a lot better for you. Don’t use OC software, just export your bios from graphic card, edit clocks, fan speed, anything you want, then save it, make bootable pendrive or something and flash card. Voila, u got self-OCed card x]
    It’s 100% safe, did that on many cards, many times (tested OC, FANs, Boot String)
    Check out this package:
    There u have all tools needed to do whole, easy operation. (unpack WIN98 folder and choose it in ‘HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool’ as custom DOS files, use FAT32 if FAT don’t work.

  6. mpq1671 Says:

    Oh, after booting pendrive, type:
    nvflash.exe YOURNEWBIOSNAME.rom
    Of course u must copy nvflash and other one .exe file from nvidia flasher directory to bootable pendrive.

  7. BioHazardSperm Says:

    this is old news over a week old ,for the record EVGA Precision has been updated and works fine with this driver now .Seriously who ever wrote this article needs to do some research before posting old and wrong news TOTAL EPIC FAIL news story

  8. BioHazardSperm Says:

    EVGA Precision 1.9.1 Released – Thursday, January 21, 2010

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