An Early Peek at Galaxy’s Dual-Core GTS250 Performance

Many readers showed great interest in Galaxy’s dual-core GTS250 graphics card, and Expreview is fortunate enough to have an early peek of its performance.

You might still remember the Fan Card which was showcased for the first time at Computex 2009 – it consists of three PWM fans to deliver enough cooling efficiency, but it remains to be seen if the retail card will adopt it or not.  

The dual-core GTS250 running at 675MHz/2000MHz/1696MHz (Core/Memory/Shader) got a 3DMark06 score of 17493.

Its 3DMark Vantage score under performance mode was P13964, with GPU score reaching 11355. 

The GeForce GTX 280 performs comparatively weakly on the same platform, with around 5% lower GPU score. Considering the fact that the GTX 260 is out of stock in many districts, the dual-core GTS 250 will hopefully win some market share for graphics card makers in the next a few months.

However, we have no idea yet about the pricing or availability.

12 Responses to “An Early Peek at Galaxy’s Dual-Core GTS250 Performance”

  1. Kelainefes Says:

    512MB of memory per GPU? FAIL

  2. Peet Says:

    “Each GPU is served by 1GB of memory and a 256-bit of memory interface.”

    You failded…Kelainefes ;9

  3. snoid Says:

    where did you get that Peet?
    seems you’re not reading.

  4. George Says:

    @Snoid: Peet’s got it from the previous article:

    However, I also think it has only 512MB per GPU, because on the screenshot it says 512MB. Maybe it is 1GB and GPU-z isn’t reading the GPU-bios that well to recognize the 1GB per GPU. Nevertheless, nice looking card, though it could have been better looking, however: once in your case performance it the beauty, not the card:P right?

  5. ted Says:

    “Many readers showed great interest in Galaxy’s dual-core GTS250 graphics card”


  6. Kelainefes Says:

    Ok, it’s plausible and very possible that GPU-Z is not accurate as the card is not out yet, so maybe it’s not total failure.
    Also it reads 65nm but that’s almost impossible, all G92B chips are 55nm now as far as I now.

  7. ted Says:

    They are probably just clearing the stock

  8. geek Says:

    Nobody needs the Dual GTS250 because of the HD5850 which perfoms at least as fast as the Dual GTS250 or faster with less power consumption and without disadvantages dual-chip-cards still and for a long time will have!

  9. Muels Says:

    At geek:
    Just because the 5850 performs better in games doesn’t mean no one needs the dual GTS 250. Some people require an nvidia brand card (at least for now) to do certain things. Folding for instance is much more efficient on nvidia cards than on ATI cards. In folding a 5870 is slightly less efficient than a GTS 250, so just imagine how much more efficient a dual GTS 250 would be.

    In the folding community, 9800GX2′s are highly sought after because they are very efficient in folding applications. This dual 250 is essentially a GX2 with higher clocks, so depending on how well this performs, I could see lots of people going after one of these. I agree with you that it would not be ideal for gaming, but you have to realize that theses days, gaming isn’t the only thing you can do with a video card.

  10. ValiumMm Says:

    Fail Card is Fail

  11. Jon Says:

    I couldn’t access this site earlier.

    Was it because of the bitter?

  12. Eugene Says:

    shit! GTX 285 is better :P

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