Preview: Galaxy Dual-core GTS250 graphics retail version

Galaxy’s dual-core GTS250 graphics card now have an finally look. The retail version will use the dual-fan cooler, have two 70mm fans, 2000rpm. In addition, the care has two DVI ports.  

The dual-core GTS250 running at 675MHz/2000MHz/1696MHz (Core/Memory/Shader) got a 3DMarkVantage score of P13964, the performance is between GTX285 and GTX260.

However, we have no idea yet about the pricing or availability.

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  1. George Says:

    Looks really neath. Totally different than what I expected earlier, remembering that 3 slot, 3 fan model =). Hope it can compete with the HD4890 en HD5770/HD5830. On the last screenshot it says PhysX-support, but it doesn’t say whether one GPU can be used for PhysX only and the other for gaming/cad etc… About the pricing: if it’s about the same as the GTX275 as mentioned in the article, it must be below 200 bucks I guess. The GTX260 is about $130,- now, so hopefully it’ll be around the same price.

    @Sue: In addition, the care has two DIV ports. –> DVI ports

  2. Pirat Says:

    On what sistem did you run the vantage, ofc you did it with physix on… Sadly a 11355 score for a dual GPU card is kinda small. Anyway I think with better drivers this card will be ok but it has to be cheap. Just my 2 cents.

  3. Brandon Zobisch Says:

    This card might be AWESOME for FAH. I land 6000ppd with a GTS250 so if this could land over 10k a day I’m in and will be making some swaps

  4. jiji Says:

    Hmm, 9800GX2 reloaded?

  5. Jon Says:

    I don’t think so, Tim.

  6. Cruxiaer Says:

    GTS250 = 9800GTX+
    Performance wise, 9800GTX+ SLI or GTS250 SLI will be equivalent to 1 GTX260+. Please note the +.

  7. Cruxiaer Says:

    If you guys need benchmarks on that, I can personally provide.

  8. asdas dfffa ssf Says:

    actually dual / sli gts 250 performs almost exactly like a gtx285, which is more expensive and rare and discontinued

    they are making this dual gts 250 card for good reason. it fills a hole in the lineup

  9. Some Guy Says:

    I’m not really concerned about the cards gaming abilities, and neither should galaxy. If they make this card, Folders will buy it, and providing it doesn’t explode, they’ll buy a lot of them.

  10. no Says:

    How much do you think is the percentage of hardcore folders out of all the people who buy graphic cards, really?

  11. Some Guy Says:

    How much do you think is the percentage of hardcore folders out of all the people who buy graphic cards, really?

    Really? Huge.. Have a look here:

    Look at the first 10 teams or so. The majority if points at the moment are being generated by nVidia graphics cards. A 9800GX2 is good for about 10,000 points per day folding on both cores. A GTX275 is worth about 8,000 points per day.

    That first 10 teams are doing about 30 MILLION points per day. If only half of that is coming from graphics cards, that’s a crap load of cards…

    I am quite serious when I say, if galaxy build this card and sell it at a decent price, folders will flock to it. Especially when you consider it’s pretty much impossible to buy anything better then a GTX260 at the moment. Anywhere that has stock of a higher card only has it because they’re charging so much nobody is willing to pay.

  12. no Says:

    you really think 3000 cards is a big piece of the market

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