GeForce GTX470/480 Die Shots Exposed

The Chinese-language NGA forum has just leaked the die shots of NVIDIA GeForce GTX470/GTX480, and according to the post, the die size would measure 23mm*23mm, which is 529 square millimeters.

Rumors ever had it that the die of GeForce GTX470 is codenamed GF100-275-A3, so we have reason to believe the GF100-375-A3 shown in following pictures is the die of GeForce GTX480.

9 Responses to “GeForce GTX470/480 Die Shots Exposed”

  1. Blacksmith Says:

    I’d be making a fine sword on that furnace

  2. azrael Says:

    Individually numbered dice. That just spells “mass production” to me… :P

  3. Hardware guy Says:

    For me the missing numbers tells me how many discarded dies it is from a wafer.

  4. lehpron Says:

    A discarded die from a wafer wouldn’t make it to a PCB and under the IHS’, a higher leakage sample however would. Not that I’m saying any of the sort, I don’t believe there is enough evidence either way.

  5. Necroman Says:

    Those N10E-GLM small cores are actually GT215 40nm cores, FAIL.

  6. No Telling Says:

    @necroman FAIL!

    This is what a GT215 40nm core looks like:

    While the picture here is too poor to make it clear unequivocally what it actually is, it’s pretty clear that there is at least a ’100′ on the chip.

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