Arctic Cooling keyboard and Two Mice Exposed

Arctic Cooling announced the AC K381 keyboard and the AC M551 and M571 mice which was first equipped with PC input devices. The ergonomic designs of these peripherals make surfing and gaming more comfortable and pleasant.

The keyboard, AC K381 adopts ultra‐slim design, size of 430(L)x115(W)x18(H)mm, weight 555g. It’s designed to be very thing at only 12mm thick for comfortable typing.Panel key makes cool knocking, has 12 Office function key and one USB. It is a multifunction device in black or white colors and sells for $24.95.

AC M551 and M571 both have a resistant surface coating which helps to maintain the grip and touch. Their ultra‐high sensitivity leads to unparalleled
precision, adjustable 800/1600/2400 dpi. The M551 has a LED indication light that displays the selected sensitivity level. The ergonomic designs of the mice give maximum comfort even after long hours of usage. The back and forth thumb button helps users to navigate the web more conveniently. And it sells for $24.95.

AC M551 is an enhanced version of the M571, and the former one is targeting professional users that offers a third mouse button which allows any multi‐fire setting or other functions. Users can personalize the weight of their mouse according to their preferences and practices.

The mice, AC M551 and M571 will be available in September 2010 with a 2 year limited warranty.

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