Hands-On With GeForce GTX460 Reference Design Card


We had caught sight of GTX 460 OC performance yesterday, while today we got GTX 460 reference design card.

From the original image, we can see that it features within heatpipe single-fan cooler which has two PCI-E slots, graphic card uses Dual-DVI+HDMI sockets; Double 6pin power supplying and single SLI adapter.

Based on GF104, GTX 460 is set to have 336 CPU Core/4 units GPC Design/192 bit Bus Width /768MB Memory Size, Core/Shader/Memory frequency respectively for 675/1350/1800MHz. And it prices at $230.

Under defaulted frequency, 3DMark Vantage Extreme gets 6000 scores, which closes to GTX 465. And without voltage improve, its core frequency can promote to 830MHz; While slightly improve, can reach to 900MHz, at this point, it stays the same level as GTX 470.

Pics via: [pcinlife]

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