Intel Displays Overclocking Performance Of K-series Sandy Bridge Processor

As for the limit for chipset integrated clocking,Intel Sandy Bridge processor can’t improve clocking.For the overclocking players,it is really regretful.And therefore,Intel is going to launch K-series Sandy Bridge.

In the IDF 2010,as PCGamesHardware reported,Intel displays a set of system which adopts K-series Sandy Bridge processor.Though we are not sure the model of the processor,when we use the original cooler and increase some voltage,the Sandy Bridge can overclock to 4.9GHz.

In this overclocking platform,it includes original LGA1155 board,EVGA GeForce GTX 460 cards,Crucial Ballistix Tracer DDR3 memory,Anttec 1200W power supply and Cooler Master case.While the processor overclocked to 4.9GHz,in order to prove its stability,Intel ran Cinebench R11.5 for test,it is a pity that test result was not announced.

Intel expressed that although Sandy Bridge processor can’t improve clocking greatly,it doesn’t stand for its low overclocking.The processor is quad-core,it is predicted that its market price won’t be over £300.



8 Responses to “Intel Displays Overclocking Performance Of K-series Sandy Bridge Processor”

  1. MeanBruce Says:

    Is that a blue LED on that Intel stock cooler? Man that HAF looks so HOT! Need to replace that front red fan so it’s ALL Cool Blue. Nothing as sweet as looking down into an open panel rig with nice soft lighting displaying superfast hardware, except maybe my 22yo gfs amazing F size bouncies laying on her long skinny torso. I have to figure out a way to get them both into the same room at the same time oh yeah. Takin’ the day off!

  2. me of course Says:

    Dear Mr.Meanbruce, Pechance, are you the chief designer of Sandy Bridge? The true elegance of your communication would suggest to me the intellectual brillance, deep customer care, and all-round beneficence of Intel Corp.
    Bulldozer soon cometh.

  3. Mikka Says:

    Typo for the title, “Performance”…

  4. MeanBruce Says:

    Well I have always believed deeply in beneficence and magnificence, oh yeah!

  5. Jennifer Says:

    Dear Mr Mikka,sorry for Typo for the title,it should be “Performance”instead of “Perormance”,thank you for reminding me.

  6. john Says:

    IF the REGULAR CPU’s (not EXTRME) can’t OC – than it’s not worth buying them /

    People will BUY AMD and not INTEL – Just because they can’t be Oveclocked .

    Shame on intel !!!

  7. MeanBruce Says:

    Keep in mind this article is about the LGA1155 mainstream CPUs only two of them are unlocked or K suffix chips. The Enthusiast Grade Sandybridge E LGA2011 processors have yet to be announced but will include many more unlocked CPUs. But you are right the AMDs will cost less.

  8. hellyeah Says:

    the skull is back with oc able.

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