Faster Than GTX 580,NVIDIA To Release Dual-core Graphics Cards Next Month?

Zotac GTX 460X2

NVIDIA GTX 580 is just around the corner,and many people care about its its actual performance.However,NVIDIA might give us more surprise because it will release a graphics card which is even faster than GTX 580 in December this year,as Fudzilla reported.

It is said that this new graphics card will be based on dual GF100-derived cores,it might be similar to GF104,and we can only predict its TDP.According to the actual performance of GTX 460,it is estimated that TDP of this dual-core graphics card can be easily over 400W,and therefore heat dissipation will be a
big problem.

Until now,NVIDIA doesn’t take out the dual-core GTX 400 series graphics card,perhaps the reason for it is the high power consumption and high temperature.In addition,AMD is also preparing for Radeon HD 6990 with dual Cayman cores,it seems that it’s quite hot.

Although this card is supposed to be released in December,but we also doubt that due to its high power consumption.If it is true,it will just meet with the upcoming Radeon HD 6990.Undoubtedly,the battle will be so fierce.Which card do you think will win this round?

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  1. B.Lee Says:

    If only you could Quad SLi these that will be great. A few manufacturers are using Arctic Accelero cooling solutions they work extremely well

  2. MB Says:

    Considering whatever they did to get GF110 fully working at 772mhz with a slightly lower TDP than GF100, I wouldn’t put it past nVIDIA releasing a re-tape of GF104. While granted there is less transistors (for dual-precision and what have you) that they could cut, if they went the route of AMD and disabled DP on everything but the largest GPU in the family, there is slight progress that could be made. Enough to perhaps create a GTX460 re-do with one 6-pin connector or a dual-GPU card under 300W? That, I don’t know. I would assume so.

    As for that 300W measurement though, I think what we can expect from Antilles is something along the power consumption line of a 4870X2. That had a TDP of under 300W…Even though it uses a great deal more power than 5970.

    The reason I mention this is because for the 5000 series, AMD started using stress testing, ala FURMARK, to measure TDP. nVIDIA for the GF100 series, on the other hand, used average power consumption. I actually stand by thinking nVIDIA’s method, similar to AMD’s old one, is the way forward for TDP rating. When you look at the difference in these numbers (stress testing vs. max load in a game) for Cypress/5970 for instance, you see AMD has quite a bit of wiggle room for Cayman/Antilles if they use this method.

    Another hint this might be so is to look at AMD’s 5970 cooler. It’s rated for 400W. While Cayman may not use the exact same cooler, one similar seems possible. What if Antilles used close to 400W during stress testing, but under 300W while playing Crysis? What would it’s TDP be?

    I think that’s the question to be asking…both for Antilles and a dual-gf104…going forward.

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