NVIDIA Officially Introduces GeForce GTX 460 SE Graphics Card

Reference GeForce GTX 460 SE

Today in the GeForce GTX 460 page of NVIDIA’s official website,it appears GTX 460 graphics card,the model number for this new card is GeForce GTX 460 SE.

GeForce GTX 460 SE is GF104 based,but the amount of SM(streaming multiprocessor)decrease from seven groups to six groups.It features only 288 CUDA Core,in order to make up for the loss of performance due to decreased CUDA Core,the graphics card will be with 1GB GDDR5 memory and memory interface of 256-bit.

Spec comparison for the three GeForce GTX 460

Except the decreased CUDA Core,core/Shader/memory clock frequencies are 650/1300/3400MHz,respectively,lower than another two GTX 460.However,based on GF104 core with good overclocking capability,it is believed that a great many GTX 460 SE graphics cards will launch the market in the near future.

In addition,in spite of decreased core of GTX 460 SE,NVIDIA still let out TDP of 160W,the graphics card features dual-6pin power connectors.Some manufactures like Zotac,EVGA have begun to launch reference model priced at US$179.99.What’s more,EVGA takes the lead in introducing GeForce GTX 460 SE overclocking edition with core /Shader/memory clock of 720/1440/3600MHz and priced at US$189.99.

Zotac reference GeForce GTX 460 SE(US$179.99)

EVGA reference GeForce GTX 460 SE(US$179.99)

EVGA GeForce GTX 460 SE overclocking edition(US$189.99)

Now we are preparing the review for GeForce GTX 460 SE graphics card.More information about it,please keep close watch on our Expreview’s follow-up report.

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