ASUS 4-way SLI ROG Xpander Hits Store Shelf In Japan

NVIDIA has released 4-way SLI technology,so far there are not many Mobos to provide PCI-E lanes for four graphics cards.And therefore ASUS has introduced Xpander expansion card,realizing 16x 4-away SLI,which has made its debut on Akiba-PC earlier,now it has hit the store shelf officially.

On the front side of PCB,there are four PCIe X16 slots,it features two NF200 chips,providing up to 64 PCIe 2.0 lanes.which enables us to connect four graphics cards with maximal PCIe X16 bandwidth.

On the back of Xpander,there are three PCIe X16 slots,and they connect with three corresponding PCIe X16 slots of motherboard.

The slots on the back of Xpander connect with PCIe X16 through this special bridge connector.

ASUS Xpander can be compatible with Rampage III Extreme and Rampage III Formula motherboard.Now it has hit retail in Akiba-PC with price tag of Yen11980,which is about US$144.

Picture courtesy of Akiba-PC

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