NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 SE Review


Once a product is released,companies will always tries every means to publicize it to catch people’s attention.However,GeForce GTX 460 SE is one of these exceptions.

At the beginning of this month,we have reported that NVIDIA introduces GeForce GTX 460 SE quietly.In order to make you have a quick view of this grapics,we had done a quick test of our hands-on Zotac GTX 460 460 SE.Fistly,we will make a brief introduction of it,and then see how it performs.

From the GPU core architecture,GTX460 SE features GF104 core(two group SM shielded),the amount of stream processors decrease from 366 to 288,while that of PolyMorph Engine falls from seven to six,we can imagine that Tessellation performance will drop.

GTX 460 SE features 1GB memory with memory interface of 256-bit,32 ROPs as well as keeps a complete four memory controllers.In addition,texture units decrease to 48.

As we can see from the above table,GTX 460 SE boasts 288 stream processors and 48 texture units,48 and 8 less than GTX 460 respectively.In addition,it has 32 ROPs,consistent with that of GTX460 1GB,eight more than GTX 460 768MB.

What’s more,there is slightly lower in frequencies.It features core/Shader/memory frequencies of 650/1300/850MHz,1GB GDDR5 memory with memory interface of 256-bit.Its memory bandwidth reaches 108.8GB/s,much higher than GTX 460 768MB.

From the drive panel,GTX 460 SE is recognized as GeForce GTS 455.

Core number "GF104-225-A1"

GTX 460 SE core number is GF104-225-A1,while GTX 460 is GF104-325-A1.In addition,they are both built on 40nm manufacturing process with core area of 332,and amount of transistors is 1.95 billion.

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