AMD Radeon HD 6970 & HD 6950 Review


In October,we are once so expected to witness the coming of Radeon HD 6800 with Barts core,hoping that it is the new architecture.However,we got a disappointed answer.And many rumors have arouse our mind towards Cayman core in December.It should be the graphics we expect.Now Cayman-based Radeon HD 6970/6950 finally come out.

As the important product that AMD make important adjustment towards GPU architecture,can its Cayman core continue the glory just like AMD Radeon HD 5800 once had,or it is just the touchstone of new architecture?let’s see it together.

Page 1: Introduction
Page 2: Improvement For Cayman Core
Page 3: Cayman: From VLIW5 To VLIW4
Page 4: Efficient Graphics&Compute Architecture:Dual Graphics Engines
Page 5: Efficient Graphics&Compute Architecture:Upgraded Render Back-ends
Page 6: Efficient Graphics&Compute Architecture:Asynchronous Dispatch
Page 7: Enhanced Image Quality:Enhanced Quality Anti-Aliasing
Page 8: Power Efficiency&Power Management:PowerTune
Page 9: Radeon HD 6970/6950 Specs
Page 10: Radeon HD 6970 Appearance
Page 11: Radeon HD 6970 Taken Apart
Page 12: Radeon HD 6970 Cooler Preview
Page 13: Radeon HD 6950 Appearance
Page 14: Radeon HD 6950 Taken Apart
Page 15: Benchmark Platform & Settings
Page 16: Power Consumption Test
Page 17: Temperature Test
Page 18: Overclocking Test
Page 19: Radeon HD 6970 vs. GeForce GTX 570
Page 20: Radeon HD 6970 vs. GeForce GTX 580
Page 21: Radeon HD 6970 vs. Radeon HD 6950
Page 22: Radeon HD 6950 vs. Radeon HD 5870
Page 23: Radeon HD 6950 vs. GeForce GTX 470
Page 24: DX11 SDK Test:Sub D11
Page 25: Conclusion:Touchstone Of New Architecture

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5 Responses to “AMD Radeon HD 6970 & HD 6950 Review”

  1. I0Mega Says:

    Great job as always. Did you notice the shaved 4-pin power connector on the board ^_^ ? Some people have said that was the reason for the delay, the result of mis-measurement hahaha.

    Maybe when the drivers continue to improve, we will see a much better results with these cards. Still, very very impressive for the amount of power they give out.

  2. I0Mega Says:

    Oops, I meant 8-pin, 8 and 4 sound the same in my language.

  3. The French Guy Says:

    Great job on Power consumption, but still under GTX 580….
    So, like IOMega said, wait until drivers will be stable (I think NVidia work on their drivers too)

    To conclude, GTX 580 or 6970 card are good product but :
    - too many exppensive,
    - power consimption always too much,
    - since GTX 480 or 5870 no new technologies (maybe DX12 with Windows 8 ?),
    - noise,
    - space (2 or 3 slots, are tou killing me ?).

    For a very good product :
    - no noise (or under 30dB),
    - only one slot space,
    - just one 6 pin power connector (or none, just PCIe),
    - with the same performance.

    the road is still long before these king of cards, perhaps I 2011-12 ?

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