NVIDIA GeForce 500M To Debut In CES 2011

NVIDIA next-generation mobile graphics GeForce 500M series in the mainstream and performance market will be based on GF114 core and debut in CES,2011,as Fudzilla reported.In addition,GF114 core will also apply in GeForce GTX 560 to be released at the beginning of next year.

GF114 core is just like a complete GF104,let us see the change from GF100 to GF110,GF114 is supposed to make some adjustment and have a better power consumption.

GF114 features 384 stream processors,64 texture units,32 ROPs,and the spec is higher than GTX 460 in desktop market as well as much high than that of GTX 480M.

According to the previous information from NVIDIA,over 200 Sandy Bridge processors will adopt GPU of GeForce 500M series.CES 2011 will hold in Jan 5th and by that time we will see the coming of GeForce 500M.

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