Dual-core AMD Radeon HD 6990 Graphics Card Showed Off ?

Recently there rumored that person in charge of AMD has exposed a dual-core graphics card "by accident" in AMD APU launch event,which might be the upcoming Radeon HD 6990.

According to the source from itPOC,Matt Skynner,graphics operation in charge of AMD took out a dual-core graphics card and raised it high for a while without expanation.And the card is mostly likely to be the upcoming one.

Radeon HD 6990 will pack 3840(1920*2) stream processors,4GB GDDR5 memory with full loaded and idle power consumption of 300W and 30W respectively.In addtion,it employs dual-DVI and three mini DisplayPort connectors and is supposed to launch in the second half of this February.

6 Responses to “Dual-core AMD Radeon HD 6990 Graphics Card Showed Off ?”

  1. MB Says:

    Um…Are you going off the ‘slide’ from last year for the specs, or do you know something we don’t? AFAIK they were fake.

    1536×2 would seem most likely.
    1664×2 would not surprise me.
    1792×2 would not surprise me.

    1920×2 would make the released Cayman products an absolute and complete utter failure…and highly surprise me.

  2. Gun Says:

    yep you’re right

    1920×2 will make the power consumption of this card will exceed above 300w

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