Thortech Shows Off 80Plus Platinum Power Supply In CeBIT 2011

In CeBIT 2011,Thortech has shown off a PSU,which has passed 80Plus platinum certification with rated power of 850W.

The power supply adopts single +12V rail design with up to current output of up to 100A,supports multi-graphics system along with complete protection setting.

In addition,it employs a front monitoring panel displaying working condition of internal power supply.Its conversion efficiency is supposed to surpass 92% under the voltage of 115V.

Source: ComputerBase

2 Responses to “Thortech Shows Off 80Plus Platinum Power Supply In CeBIT 2011”

  1. taemun Says:

    An 850W supply with a 100A +12V rail? Can anyone at Thortech do math?

  2. Jennifer Says:

    dear taemun,1200W is just the peak power,but not the safe power,while 850W is the rated power.

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