ColorFire Non-reference Radeon HD 6790 Graphics Card Leaked

After Sapphire Radeon HD 6790 graphics card is exposed,and today ColorFire also brings its non-reference Radeon HD 6790,which packs dual-BIOS design,Turbo speed one-key overclocking and OCP Unlocker switch.

ColorFire Radeon HD 6790 adopts non-reference design,provides 6pin auxiliary power connectors,and it sets voltage measuring point at the right side of PCB,faciliating overclokers to conduct real-time monitoring.

In addition,the graphic card boasts 4+1 phase power supply,each phase is made up by R47 ferrite choke,three mosfets and Japanese NCC capacitors.

What’s more,the card is based on Barts LE core,features 800 stream processors,40 texture units,16 ROPs,1GB GDDR5 memory and memory interface of 256bit.However,the core/memory frequencies are unknown,but they are predicted to reach 840/4200MHz.

OCP Unlocker switch

As for I/O,ColorFire Radeon HD 6790 provides two DVI,a HDMI and a DisplayPort connectors,supports AMD Eyefinity and three-screen synchronized output technology.The graphics card is priced at US$167.8.

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