ASUS Mars II Graphics Card Official Images Surfaced

In the earlier Computex 2011,ASUS has once shown off its Mars II Dual-GTX 580 graphics card,while now the company let out various images of the card.

MARS II packs two dual-GPU graphics card that runs two GF110 GPUs.As for power supply,it features 19-phase VRM with Super Alloy chokes.

In addition,the graphics card features 3GB GDDR5 memory,core/Shader/memory clock of 816MHz/1632MHz/1002MHz(data rate of 4008MHz).

What’s more,the card takes up the place of three PCI expansion slots,provides HDMI,DisplayPort and dual-DVI connectors with tri-display output support.

MARS II graphics card is said to be sold globally with limited quantities of 1000 units,available at the price of up to €1000.

4 Responses to “ASUS Mars II Graphics Card Official Images Surfaced”

  1. MDJ Says:

    I want!!!

  2. Corey Says:

    This thing looks like a monster!

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