SandForce Showcases SSD Using 24nm Toshiba MLC NAND

Currently SandForce announced that they have made use of its latest SF-2000 series SSD controller with Toshiba’s new 24nm MLC Toggle Flash memory in a 2.5-inch SSD form factor.

The SSD features read and write speeds of up to 500MB/s and up to 60,000 IOPS with Toshiba’s memory operating at 166MT/s.

Toshiba 24nm e-MMC NAND memory chip is fully compliant with the JEDEC e-MMC Version 4.41(V4.41) standard.Toshiba is the first company to succeed in combining 16 pieces of 64 Gbit die in e-MMC to achieve 128GB of memory by applying advanced chip thinning and layering technologies to realize individual chips that are only 30 micrometers thick.

Source: TomsHardware

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