iPhone 5 Rumored To Be Revealed On September 7th

As Kodawarisan reported,Apple is going to hold their usual iPod-announcing event on September 7th,in which time iPhone 5 is expected to arrive.

The source pointed out that,Apple has traditionally held their Fall media events in earlier September.And the past three events took place on September 1st,2010/September 9th,2009/September 9th,2008,respectively.In previous years, Apple has unleashed the new iPhone in the summer during WWDC,but this year,iPhone 5 hasn’t debuted at the event,undoubtedly many media will focus on the iPod-announcing event expecting the coming of the new device.

However,there exists different opinions on the release time of iPhone 5,Allthingsd suggested that iPhone 5 won’t launch until this October,not the commonly rumored September,while Guardian said that Apple has sent iPhone 5 prototype locked inside highly secure boxes to its carrier partners for network testing,and the new iPhone is expected to reveal soon.

Earlier Bloomberg once reported that Apple will introduce their next-generation iPhone in Septemer,the new smartphone will pack A5 processor and an 8-megapixel camera.

Source: MacRumors

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