PowerColor Devil 13 HD 6970 Graphics Card Review


"Opponents will fear its creation and bow to the ones that hold its sheer power in their hands. Devil 13. Its name will resonate through the hallways and rooms of every gaming competition from now until eternity. Devastate your enemies and smite those that question your gaming prowess. Devil 13 is here and the gaming world will cease to be the same."

The above description is quoted from PowerClor’s introduction towards Devil 13 HD 6970 graphics card, showing that the company has fully confidence on the card.

As we all know, Devil can be translated as demon, and 13 is always considered an unlucky number in the western countries, why PowerColor gives such a "black name" for their HD 6970? Can’t they resist the temptation of devil for sake of something significant?

Page 1: Introduction
Page 2: PowerColor Devil 13 Previewed
Page 3: PowerColor Devil 13 Taken Apart
Page 4: PowerColor Devil 13 Power Supply
Page 5: PowerColor Devil 13 Cooler
Page 6: PowerColor Devil 13 Accessories
Page 7: Benchmark Platform & Settings
Page 8: Basic Performance & Overclocking Test
Page 9: Temperature & Power Consumption Test
Page 10: Conclusion——Intoxicated Evil

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  1. Angie Says:

    Gringo cabr.on toda la vida estudiando icformatina pa que me digas ahora como se instala un driver, que CD de mother ni que mier.da, instalacion nueva con 7 original 64bits, bios placa no deja desactivar chipset grafico integrado. Solucion desactivarlo manualmente en administrador de dispositivos, instalo catalyst 5670 y no anda nada sistema inestable y cuelgues, instalo vista 32bits, desactivo la integrada deshabilitando y sistema mas o menos estable y los juegos van bastante bien conclusion ati curraros los drivers please.

  2. 追蹤器 Says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more, anyway l love your site layout. Is nice and clean.

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