PowerColor Devil 13 HD 6970 Graphics Card Review

Temperature & Power Consumption Test

Standby temperature of 32℃

In idle state, core voltage of Devil 13 decreased to 0.924V, core/memory frequency fell to 250MHz/150MHz. After 5 minutes of standby state, GPU temperature stabled at 32 with fan rotation speed of 20%. The graphics was quiet in this condition.

Loading temperature of 67℃

Graphics voltage increased to 1.174V after Furmark loading, when AMD power consumption protection mechanism came into effect. Core frequency fluctuated, temperature rose to 67℃ with Furmark running 10 minutes. Compared with over 80℃ in reference HD 6970, Devil 13 was warm, its fan rotation speed has increased to 47℃, the noise was obvious but sustainable. Actually PowerColor may lower the fan rotation speed and it’s fine to make the temperature a little higher, after all in our common use, we can’t feel the core temperature, while noise can be heard.

Power Consumption Test

Devil 13 really had an excellent performance in power supply, it was unknown why the loss in power conversion was much lower than the reference graphics card, maybe due to DirectFET MOSFET. When we used Furmark to load graphics, the frequency of Devil 13 was much higher than the reference model in OC state, but power consumption was 26W lower than the reference model. However, voltage was on the high side when Blue-ray player was on in OC state, much higher than the loading state, and the power consumption was higher by 12W than in default state.

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