AMD Radeon HD 7900 Key Features Surfaced

Earlier we have seen some slides about AMD Radeon HD 7900 series, which displayed the specs, core architecture and tessellation performance improvement, now we are showing you other information on video and the accelerated solution.

The idle power consumption of HD 7970 is below 3W thanks to its ZeroCore Power technology.

AMD Eyefinity is updated to v2.0, and HD 7900 has got DisplayPort 1.2 certification, as well as provides open stereo 3D solution.

AMD Radeon HD 7900 will be the first GPU to drive three Stereo 3D displays using new DisplayPort 3D monitors.

AMD Eyefinity Technology 2.0 features 16k x 16k support.

HD 7900 series feature fast HDMI for Stereo 3D with faster frame rates for smooth gameplay.

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