Ivy Bridge Core i5 3570K Engineering Sample Test

Ivy Bridge Core i5-3570K (left)

Several days ago, our colleague Henry posted two CPU pictures in the forum, Could you guess exactly what they are? Now let’s disclose the answer. They are all ES (Engineering Sample). The CPU on the right is Core i5-2500K, while on the left is the upcoming Ivy Bridge Core i5-3570K. You may also want to know what performance this Ivy Bridge processor will have, later we will present more test to you, today let’s see how much change with its IGP (Integrated Graphics Processor) performance.

As we could see from the CPU-Z 1.59 screenshots shown above, Core i5-3570K features the close specs with the current Core i5-2500K, but its process has been updated to 22nm, and default frequency improves to 3.4GHz, as well has TDP of 77W.

The IGP is Intel HD Graphics 4000, which is also applied in the K-series processor and some Ivy Bridge processors. According to the leaked information in IDF (Intel Developer Forum) held last year. HD Graphics 4000 packs 16 EUs, while the current HD Graphics 3000 features 12 EUs. However, the IGP’s frequency still couldn’t be displayed in GPU-Z and CPU-Z currently, but the core working frequency (HD Graphics 4000) was 1150MHz showed in motherboard BIOS with Core i5-3570K, 1100MHz (HD Graphics 3000) with Core i5-2500K.

As for the ordinary Ivy Bridge processors, they integrate HD Graphics 2500, the specs are not revealed, but it’s predicted to feature eight EUs, and the existing HD Graphics 2000 integrated in common Sandy Bridge processors packs six EUs.

In addition, the main change in IGP of Ivy Bridge processors is the support for DX11, while the current Sandy Bridge processors only support DX10. Moreover, its Quick Sync has been updated to the second generation, OpenCL 1.1 and independent tri-display output are supported as well.

Benchmark platform & settings

The test mainly had a comparison of IGP performance between Core i5-3570K and Core i5-2500K. The two CPU frequency was both set at 3.3GHz, they matched Z77 and Z68 motherboards, respectively. Besides, the driver we used was Intel Graphics Driver

Additionally we would see the gap between HD Graphics 4000 and low-end graphics (NVIDIA GT 240 GDDR3). The test platform was Core i5-3570K+Z77, and all the gamings’ resolution was set at 1280*720.

HD Graphics 4000 vs. Graphics 3000

Core i5-3570K integrated in HD Graphics 4000 outperformed Core i5-2500K by a large margin, in 3DMark Vantage Performance mode, Core i5-3570K even scored twice over the latter. In addition, in actual gamings, Core i5-3570K featured an improvement of 20% in Starcraft 2 than Core i5-2500K, and in Farcry 2 (DX10 mode), the improvement even reached 84%.

Judged from the gaming image, Core i5-3570K ran more smooth obviously in most games than Core i5-2500K, especially in Left 4 Dead 2, Street Fighter 4 and DiRT 3, while in Farcry 2, it couldn’t be described as smooth running with Core i5-3570K in spite of better displayed image than another processor.

HD Graphics 4000 vs. GT 240

Compared with last-generation products, HD Graphics 4000 really improved by a great deal in performance, however, when faced with low-end graphics card, it still had great pressure. Our tested NVIDIA GT 240 (GDDR 3) was a old low-end discrete graphics, surely it couldn’t defeat the existing new models, but it was not a difficult thing to beat integrated graphics.

If we only saw the 3DMark Vantage scoring of HD Graphics 4000, the performance was fine, which fell behind by 15% than GT 240. While in actual gamings, the gap was very obvious, HD Graphics 4000 couldn’t run smooth in Starcraft 2 and Farcry 2, it would be fine with the running of GT 240, and the frames of HD Graphics 4000 in most games was only half of GT 240.

It would be ok for HD Graphics 4000 to run some low-configuration requirement gamings, for the high requirement games, discrete graphics was needed to enjoy the gaming-play.

Lastly we posted the 3DMark 11 scoring of Core i5-3570, Ivy Bridge processors all supported DX11, but support and smooth-running weren’t the same thing, in 3DMark 11 Entry Preset the processor only scored 1478, very often the frames featured just single digit, which was far away from smooth running.

Compared with last-generation HD Graphics 3000, HD Graphics 4000 integrated in Core i5-3570K outperformed the former by a large margin, which came along with smooth gaming running experience. It would be fine to play some low-profile requirement DX9 gamings (such as Left 4 Dead 2, Street Fighter 4, etc), but for some high-demanding DX10/DX11 gamings, it would be reluctant. HD Graphics 4000 still featured some gap with low-end graphics cards, and therefore, it’s suggested to get a discrete graphics card with decent performance if you would like to fully enjoy the games.

According to the current performance, HD Graphics 4000 can’t beat the APU integrated in AMD A8 series, maybe its performance is close to that in AMD A6 series. Would you like to get more test on Ivy Bridge processors? Just stay tuned!

52 Responses to “Ivy Bridge Core i5 3570K Engineering Sample Test”

  1. SpycyMitaball Says:

    this makes me not want to upgrade my cpu…only 16% performance at most on some applications. just gonna save money for that GTX 660, :P

  2. adx51211 Says:

    “According to the current performance, HD Graphics 4000 can’t beat the APU integrated in AMD A8 series, maybe its performance is close to that in AMD A6 series.”

    It’s worthwhile noting it’s close to the CURRENT AMD A6 Llano. But that changes when AMD come out with it’s Trinity APU.

  3. Jml Says:

    I think I just might go AMD this time because Intel ivy bridge isn’t that much of an upgrade. Hey can you guys tell us how much the Ivy bridge use and compare it to the current crop of Intel chips?

  4. Person who knows Stuff Says:

    @ Jml, they did tell us, they compared Ivy Bridge to Sandy Bridge. But if you want performance, AMD doesn’t even compare. Unless you are relying on integrated graphics, stick with Intel.

    @adx, You’re right, the integrated graphics aren’t as good as AMD… but I imagine most people who want really good graphics get discrete graphics cards. That being said, I am pleased that integrated graphics are approaching levels where they can bring good gaming to the masses.

    @Spycy, of course, if you just built a Sandy Bridge system, not much reason to switch to Ivy Bridge. Don’t upgrade on every tick and tock, just pick tics or tocks. I’m planning on waiting for Haswell.

  5. Jml Says:

    Oh I forgot to mention I wanted to see power consumption figures for ivy bridge since I can’t find them anywhere.

  6. tester Says:


    Coul you please run the test with Ddr 1600. If you use ddr1333 you are limiting the Bandwidth of the memory. aso the Hd4000 could be 20% faster!

    Could you repeat some of the Test with Ddr 1600 please?
    Thank you

  7. tester Says:

    And don’t forget if you test again with ddr3 1600 to use 2 Ram Modules of the same size ao that the dual channel mode is working. That means either 2×2 GB or 2x4GB!

    Would be very interesting to see how fast the HD 4000 can get!

    Thank you in advance for an update of the test!

  8. SpycyMitaball Says:

    @Person who knows Stuff – haswell it is xD

  9. SpycyMitaball Says:

    HEY TESTER IS CORRECT!!! what if you use some good old O.C. memory eh? and the fact that the IGPU is using the system ram it might affect how much stuff comes from the actual program, why don’t you guys use something like 16gb ddr3 1866 dual channel memory or even 2000+

  10. lehpron Says:

    Jennifer: Could we possibly see an overclock test, how far could the CPU cores go and their voltage? So far the majority of leaks aren’t covering this, granted we’re still a month from debut.

  11. Jennifer Says:

    Thanks for all your suggestions, and some tests are under way, we will try our best to present more relevant test for you!

  12. tester Says:

    Very Good!

    I just want to comment that at least DDR3 1600 is the Standard RAM Speed of the Ivy Bridge Plattform for Notebooks and Desktop. ( Sandy Bride was DDR3-1333) Only RAM Speed above DDR3 1600 will then be real overclocking.

    I am locking forward to the results. :-)

  13. AMD Fanboy Says:

    Why aren’t you using at least DDR3 1600? You ran the tests in a crippled memory configuration! I’m all for showing AMD stomping Intel graphics media DEcelerators, but testing with slow memory configurations cripples performance for both Intel and AMD APU’s.

  14. Jml Says:

    The list of Reasons that AMD will win the ultrathin laptop wars:
    1.)Quad Core vs Intel’s Dual Core. Not even Intel haswell’s low power solution will not be quad core although I’m sure the IGP will be decent. AMD will have a quad core solution which may turn the tables on Intel.
    2.)AMD will always have a better IGP.
    3.)AMD will always use less power in their ultrathins. We don’t know how much Intel has reduced power consumption from their not so efficient Sandy Bridge.
    4.)AMD will be cheaper and in 2013 the CPU gap will be reduced greatly I think.

  15. Slow Says:

    I agree with Jml
    on discrete graphics and higher price, Intel won, and always win

  16. Niall Says:

    AMD!!! AMD!!!

    But I’m still not so keen on AMD chipset motherboards. I still think Intel has better variety and quality than AMD-based boards.

    Does anyone have a rough idea of what the Ivy Bridge Core i5 3570K will cost?

  17. Jml Says:

    I thought the prices would remain mostly the same as the current line of Intel CPU’s that are out right now. By the way I am still waiting on the power consumption figures for the engineering sample you guys tested the core i5-3570K I want to know how much power it uses when compared to Intel’s core i5-2600K?

  18. Golla Says:

    I bought (9-Dec-11) ‘Intel DH67BLB3′ mainboard, Transcend DDR3 1333MHz 4GB RAM, DeLUX DLC-SH490 case(with 450W PSU), old Seagate 160GB HDD, Asus DVD writer before Processor. I want to buy Sandy Bridge Core i5-2500K. But that time ’2500K’ market stock was empty.
    I’ve 22,000tk = about 275$. Perhaps next month will be release ivy bridge Core i5-3570K. 3570K is better than 2500K. I’m waiting from 9-Dec-11 when I heard about ivy bridge. Now I’m fully confused. What can I do now:(? Pls, give me a good suggestion.

  19. Golla Says:

    I bought (9-Dec-11) ‘Intel DH67BLB3′ mainboard, Transcend DDR3 1333MHz 4GB RAM, DeLUX DLC-SH490 case(with 450W PSU), old Seagate 160GB HDD, Asus DVD writer before Processor. I want to buy Sandy Bridge Core i5-2500K. But that time ’2500K’ market stock was empty.
    I’ve 22,000tk = about 275$. Perhaps next month will be release ivy bridge Core i5-3570K. 3570K is better than 2500K. I’m waiting from 9-Dec-11 when I heard about ivy bridge. Now I’m fully confused. What can I do now:(? Pls, give me a good suggestion

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  25. darkwish Says:

    ok , i read all of your cc guys and also the benchmarks at all , im planing to buy ivy bridge 3570k , now i brought asrock Z68 extreem3 gen3 motherboard + 2x 4G vengence 1600 and just waiting for cpu price geting down to buy ! I got gtx580 and cant wait runing benchmarks on these two monster HD 4000 and gtx580 ! I just wanna know whats is the maximum watt consumption for 3570 k ? They said its 77w but i m not sure its in idle or load or peak !!!!!! My before garbage amd was125w but in peak was245w !!!! Please guide me !!! thanks

  26. sandy Says:

    thanks for understanting corei5..

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