NVIDIA Kepler Rumored to Debut in Mid-March

Most of the current rumors suggested that NVIDIA is going to launch its Kepler in April. However, one of our forum friend phk posted an article, "During the week of March 15th, there comes with spot goods, NVIDIA won’t follow AMD in spite of tight schedule."

Though phk doesn’t indicate what products will debut, in compliance with our previous experience, we infer it will be NVIDIA Kepler graphics cards. In addition, what models of Kepler will launch are not reveal as well. That’s to say, Kepler will be one month ahead of the existing rumor launch time.

8 Responses to “NVIDIA Kepler Rumored to Debut in Mid-March”

  1. SpycyMitaball Says:

    this is better than an april release… i’m guessing they’re trying to combat the release of the 7800 series

  2. Shane Says:

    A paper launch in March to announce Kepler will be coming sometime in April! ;)

  3. Cockaleeky Says:

    Make no wonder Nvidia aren’t saying anything, all the rampant speculation flying around helps them combat AMD’s new cards without saying a word.

  4. Sakhi Says:

    This is why i am glad to be a PC gamer. Cutting edge titles stectrhing out beyond console capabilities and pushing the industry forward. Of course i dabble in consoles but PC is the lead platform and the only platform i would want to play this on.I don’t have to worry about this shit’ nor do any other half intelligent Pc gamers, because they would have guessed the sort of machine you need to knock out the exact visuals seen in those shots. A powerful, fairly modern one. You should know whether you own such a machine or not.However thats not to say people with aging machines aren’t going to be able to enjoy this game on the lead platform, with the minimum being hardware that was last top of the line about 4 years ago. Hardware that still easily outperforms the current consoles and should deliver a superior experience. This is the gap that now exists.Have fun peeps.VN:R_U [1.9.10_1130]Please log in to rate this comment(1 vote cast)VN:R_U [1.9.10_1130](from 1 vote)

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