Yeston GeForce GTX 560 SE GameMaster Unveiled with 336 CUDA Cores

Yeston lately rolled out its latest GeForce GTX 560 SE GameMaster graphics card, which packs 336 CUDA cores.

The standard version of the GTX 560 SE features 288 CUDA cores, while GTX 560 SE GameMaster has 336 CUDA cores, the card boasts 1GB GDDR5 memory, core/Shader/memory clock of 820MHz/1640MHz/1002MHz (4008MHz effective), as well as provides dual-DVI and HDMI connectors.

In addition, GTX 560 SE GameMaster adopts 6+1 phase power supply design, 6 phase for core while 1 phase for memory. At the back of PCB, it’s equipped with two Proadlizer capacitors.

As for cooling, the card employs Arctic Accelero Twin-Turbo Pro cooler, the cooler has been well received among players due to its first-class quietness and cooling performance. The pricing is set at RMB999 (about US$158).

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