NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 Review: Regain Performance Crown


Since the introduction of GCN-based Southern family graphics cards, AMD has always bathed in the glory of victory, HD 7970 features great improvement in 3D games or universe compute, the 28nm process brings surprising power consumption control and overclocking capability.

In the whole DX11 era, AMD always possess starting-release advantage, but the later-release NVIDIA could change this situation, such as GTX 480 vs HD 5870, GTX 580 vs HD 6970. After the three months away from HD 7970 introduction, NVIDIA Kepler finally arrives, the battle has begun.

Compared with GTX 580, GTX 680 features more CUDA cores totaling the amount of 1536, the texture increases to 128, while ROP decreases to 32, less than 48 of GTX 580. In addition, the memory interface falls from 384-bit to 256-bit. The memory frequency of GTX 680 reaches 1502MHz, surpassing 1375MHz of AMD, the total memory bandwidth is 192GB/s, slightly higher that GTX 580, but there features still some gap with 384-bit of HD 7970.

The most evident improvement lies in power consumption and die size, GTX 680 features die area of only 294mm2, much lower than 520mm2 of GTX 580, also lower than 365mm2 of HD 7970, even much lower than the current 360mm2 of GF114 core. In addition, the card features only 195W TDP, while HD 7970 and GTX 580 feature 210W and 244W, respectively, which is absolutely the top-grade core with the smallest size, lowest power consumption for NVIDIA since GT200 architecture.

Did GTX 680 will change the idea that NVIDIA graphics would always be one that features high performance and great heat? What change will the card come with? CUDA core advances three ranks and power consumption is slower instead, now let’s disclose the Kepler architecture.

Page 1: Introduction
Page 2: Kepler Architecture
Page 3: GPU Boost
Page 4: Bindless Texture
Page 5: Adaptive VSync
Page 6: FXAA & TXAA
Page 7: Brand-new 3+1 Displays
Page 8: Reference GTX 680 Appearance
Page 9: Reference GTX 680 Cooler Taken Apart
Page 10: PCB Comparison: GTX 680 & GTX 580
Page 11: Galaxy GTX 680 Previewed
Page 12: Zotac GTX 680 Previewed
Page 13: Onda GTX 680 Previewed
Page 14: Inno3D GTX 680 Previewed
Page 15: Gainward GTX 680 Previewed
Page 16: Axigon GTX 680 Previewed
Page 17: ASUS GTX 680 Previewed
Page 18: MSI GTX 680 Previewed
Page 19: Benchmark Platform One
Page 20: Benchmark Platform Two
Page 21: Tessellation Performance
Page 22: FXAA Performance: Twice of GTX 580
Page 23: Compute Performance
Page 24: GTX 680 vs GTX 580
Page 25: GTX 680 vs HD 7970
Page 26: Temperature Test
Page 27: Power Consumption Test
Page 28: Overclocking Test
Page 29: Final Thoughts: Perfect Cost Performance

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  1. SpycyMitaball Says:

    thanks jennifer!!! for this very comprehensive review ^_^

  2. SpycyMitaball Says:

    btw that tesselation test at 2560×1600…i think it looses because the amount of memory in the GTX 680 is quite lower, (i.e. 256-bit vs 384-bit and 2gb vs 3gb) as you can see it wins in 1920×1080. but still variables could always change :)

  3. SpycyMitaball Says:

    at that batman test, the GTX 580 actually had an increase in frames when FXAA was enabled (???) hahaha

  4. Psolord Says:

    Great test. Thanks

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