NVIDIA Kepler GK106 Specifications Leaked

GeForce GTX 680

GK104 has arrived, what’s the next member of Kepler? Some source said that there would come with GK107, while another Kepler GK106 are exposed by 3Dcenter.

GK106 is based on TSMC 28nm manufacturing process,the die size is 210mm2, which is between GK107 (130mm2) and GK104(294mm2), and close to 212mm2 of AMD HD 7800.

In addition, GK106 features two GPC, four SMX, 768 CUDA Cores, 64 texture units, 24 ROPs, 1.5BG/2GB memory with memory interface of 192-bit, while the frequencies are not revealed.

Moreover, GK106 is supposed to be branded as GeForce GTX 660 and only has TDP of 130W, targeting at HD 7950, HD 7870, GTX 560 Ti, GTX 560 Ti 448 and GTX 560. The launch day is expected to fall on Q3, 2012.

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