NVIDIA Calls for Stepping into 450mm Wafers

An engineer of NVIDIA is calling for moving to 450mm wafers as soon as possible to cater to the need of growing complexity, cost as well as challenges in chip design, as EETimes reported.

By the end of the decade, a lot of new technologies will be needed to keep the industry on track delivering a trillion-transistor device, said Sameer Halepete, vice president of VLSI engineering at NVIDIA in a keynote at a Mentor Graphics user conference. "The challenges are similar to what they were before, and though their nature has changed, I’m very confident we will overcome them." Halepete said.

Halepete mentioned in the keynote that, the industry needs to move to 450mm wafers to deal with the increasing number of masks and process steps required to make chips, The larger wafers would spread the costs out among more chips and reduce the processing time per chip.

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