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HTC Vive’s Packing List Gets Confirmed


HTC Vive is one of the most expensive virtual reality platforms on the market, and its final packing list has just been detailed by Polygon site. Let’s check out what’s coming with the fin...

Sue on 2 Year ago (2016-03-28)

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Ocuclus Rift to Have 30 Games at Launch


The consumer edition of Oculus Rift is shipping at the end of this month, and the company has just released a list of the 30 games that will be available at launch.  You can look forward to previ...

Sue on 2 Year ago (2016-03-18)

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Why People Aren’t Buying a Smart Watch


Kinds of wearable devices are getting quite popular, and the usage of wearables is said to grow by nearly 2/3 this year. But do you know the main reason why people don’t buy the smart watch? Acc...

Sue on 2 Year ago (2016-02-16)

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Supplier: No Apple Watch 2 in Spring


Some rumors surfaced earlier this month claiming new Apple Watch is coming out in March and becoming commercially available starting from April. However, a new article from idownloadblog suggests us n...

Sue on 2 Year ago (2016-01-18)

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