AMD to Unveil Radeon R9 490X in June Against Pascal

A new battle round of GPU between NVIDIA and AMD has already begun. NVIDIA has just released their Tesla P100 accelerator, but it’s probably designed for high performance computing only, not for consumer-class graphics. The company is expected to launch the mainstream GTX 1080/1070 series at ComputeX 2016. And according to a recent post over at VideoCardz, AMD is also paper-launching its Radeon R9 490(X) in early June. The hard launch with reviews is following later that month.
The original site is convinced that Radeon R9 490X will be based on Polaris 10. Hopefully it’ll become the company’s new flagship model. The PCB looked quite short as we reported last month, not much bigger than R9 Nano.

“Either Fury X is faster than Radeon R9 490(X) Polaris 10, and Fury series will be offered alongside Radeon R9 490 line till Vega 10 becomes available, or Fury X is slower than Polaris 10 and it may be used for Radeon R9 480 series instead”, quoted from VideoCardz site.

We should be seeing the Pascal GP104-based products during the ComputeX, making it such an interesting event to look forward to.

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